Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weaving spirituality into business advice

Recently I came across a new client who was confident of her ability to manifest .

This was quite a challenge because it allowed me to explore some new strategies for business development which were a little at odds from what would be considered 'normal'. They certainly are not 'textbook'.

Lets take a marketing strategy for a new business.

Normally you would seek to identify the market segments that your product or service might be suitable to and then you would develop a plan to access that group with your actions---whatever they might be!

But with manifestation it is different.

Using this strategy a marketer simply envisions the product selling like hot-cakes and puts it out there to the universe. Alternatively you may simply take each product item and envision the buyer being drawn to it.

Lets sat you own a frock-shop. Each dress would be the subject of a little personal time wherein the mind energises the item and then displays an attraction to the individual to come forward and purchase. The rest , my friends, is left to the universe.

This is not everyone's kettle of fish I might add.

But part of providing business advice is matching it to the capacities of the person you are advising. so if you come across people with unusual and extraordinary abilities you will need to tailor you advice accordingly.

This is truly exercising your professionalism.

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  1. Anonymous10:09 am

    Hi Ian,

    I thoroughly believe in this strategy, the universe is a powerful thing. Like you said it's not for everyone, but being in the business I am in, I feel very uncomfortable using alot of "sales strategies" as I am not selling a pair of shoes for $29.99 I am selling a product that is extremely expensive and probably the largest investment that people will ever experience in their lives. I know the stratagies work, but I can't live with myself "manipulating" people in this industry, its just not right. Pity there aren't more of me around, our industry can have such a bad name. The industry I hear you ask? Real Estate.