Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now is the time to "work your magic"

Into my head a few days ago came the thought "Now is the time to work your magic, Ian"

Now call me a hopeless romantic, call me a spiritual doodaloo, call me crazy!But I have pondered this thought and concluded that it is worthy of reflection. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford both believed that all creative thoughts came from the "ether". I have a slightly different take but no less valid.We can ignore these random events or we can take notice.

The message for me was simple.Get of your butt , Ian , and get moving!If there is ever a time to mobilise my creativity and work my magic it is now.

For me this means engaging clients more about the things that really matter to them. It means thinking laterally. It means being less concerned about the negativity of others.Especially when they tell me 'that has been tried before and did not work'. It means challenging the statements of others when I don't agree with what they say rather than letting it go through to the keeper. It means treating every conversation with someone I love as being a gem.It means that I should never underestimate the impact I can have on someone else's life or business by simply being interested and asking questions.

These economic times are extremely exacting and we need to rise to the occasion and 'work our magic' in order not to waste them. It wont hurt us to look inside ourselves and identify those things that we are good at and start exercising them more .

We all have a wealth of valuable skills and talents and now is the time to exercise them!Lets not be backward in bringing them forward. Lets not be apologetic.

If you have some ideas for your business get them onto the table. Give them some air. Start discussing them. Start experimenting with them.

After all if now is not the time to consider them, when is?

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  1. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I would love to be more open about my business and I agree it would be beneficial but cannot get past keeping things close to my chest until the business is launched even on the smallest scale.