Sunday, May 23, 2010

The search for Tony Abbott's 'gospel truth'

The Blowfly is not a particularly religious insect.

He knows just enough to be annoying to those who knock on his door extolling their peculiar beliefs.

But during the week The Blowfly pondered the voracity of Tony Abbott telling us that the 'gospel truth' was a shade of truth that , when it is uttered, should provide us with greater reassurance that the utterer has credibility.

Wikipedia tells us that a gospel is an old English word meaning 'good news' and is "writing that describes the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus".

Wikipedia goes on to say that they were written 65 to 110 years after the death of Christ.

As well there is some evidence "Mark is the first Gospel with Matthew and Luke borrowing passages from that Gospel and from at least one other common source".The "earliest surviving complete copies of the Gospels date to the 4th century and ........ only fragments and quotations exist before that" Wikipedia goes onto state.

"Oh dearie me," The Blowfly thinks ,"how would any truth survive in an unexpurgated manner for that long?"

As cluttered as The Blowfly's brain is with the chaos that is life ,it still has room for a little speculation.

Imagine ,if you will ,that you are a time traveller and you have arrived in the year 2100, a mere 90 years after this. Australia is part of Asia and New Zealand is part of Australia.There is one world government and everyone in humanity has a chip in their head to mark their existence in a participatory regime of collaborative inhabitation.

You are seeking to see the result of the 2010 Federal election in Australia.

You dive back into some archives deep in the heart of a vault somewhere in Canberra. It takes some technological miracles to retrieve the result.

You find that Rudd won by a whisker.Tanner lost his seat.Hockey lost his and the National Party stayed the same.

Rudd went on to build the National Broadband Network and continued with the 'computers in schools' programme. Australia became an icon in respect to it's technology and as the farming areas of southern Australia were decimated by climate change most of them were turned over to paddocks of solar cells which generated Australia's power needs.

Abbott resigned and joined the priesthood again with some sort of special dispensation. He became the Archbishop of Humpty Doo late in his life but disappeared on the 'road to the Kimberleys' one night when chasing a 'min-min' light across the sparse Australian landscape.It was rumoured that he was abducted by a UFO.

You hear on the grapevine that some budding author is about to research the life of Tony Abbott and leave us with a memorable tome of his contribution to Australia.

You wonder whether it will contain the 'gospel truth' about Tony Abbott's life.

You remember the insult hurled at David Lloyd George by Lord Beaverbrook :"He did not seem to care which way he travelled, providing he was in the driver's seat."

The Blowfly believes that a greater benchmark of 'truth' is required than that provided by the gospels----especially from politicians!

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