Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Abbott and the Karma he is creating

In the no-holds barred word that is Australian politics presently the Opposition is focused on one outcome-----forcing an election prematurely!

They have even stooped to questioning the validity of a medical certificate.

Even though Tony Abbott spent some time training for the priesthood it appears that he did not study Karma 101. This was a first year subject that elaborated on the relationship between dodgy deeds and dodgy outcomes and good deeds and good outcomes.

Karma requires lots of patience. Perhaps even into another lifetime.

Abbott seems oblivious to the karma he is creating for himself and his party.

Can you imagine the day when every Opposition vote is required to fend off another 'great big tax'?

Several nights before Abbott, Pyne, Hockey and say , Robb were all at a Canberra restaurant and picked up a tummy bug eating imported prawns and were all hospitalised.

Albanese then does not grant a pair even though they all have medical certificates.

"It was just a little tummy ache," Albanese said. "We want more detail!"

Wouldn't that be the greatest hoot!

You can only imagine what the Opposition would say and the fuss they would make!

And you can only imagine the morning ritual of Tony Abbott when he faces his bathroom mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is the biggest hypocrite of all?"

And mirror replies:

"You still are, Tony!"

But as he turns away the mirror, in a low voice, adds:

"But you'll have to smarten your game because Clive, Gina and Andrew are close behind."

The Blowfly loves writing about hypocrisy in politics.

He invites you to point out further examples to him.

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  1. It must be the case that Tony Abbott has misplaced the medical certificate he got for his crook upper back that is the obvious cause for him walking like a Marlboro man. Either that or he is still waiting for surgery via the public system to remove the pole up his...