Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Survival Trap is a free download and good read over the holiday period

Lest you be totally disillusioned with your lot in small business let me tell you that help is on the way.
During the last couple of years Davenports has retained Paul McCarthy to kick us along a bit.
He is a beguiling speaker and thinker who , at one stage in his existence, was a lead singer in a rock band.
But now he performs more mundane tasks such as marketing small businesses and helping them develop their brands. He also helps motivate people to realise their potential---which is why we retained him for a couple of sessions.He is also professional speaker of some note.
But recently he has put together a wonderful small tome to help us to keep our heads together in these difficult times and come out the other end with a better business and more wealth.
The Survival Trap is an ebook with 87 pages of readable ideas, advice and inspiration and IT IS FREE to download at The Survival Trap.Those who download go into a draw for $7000 worth of Paul's services and advice.
A bit of recommended reading for the holiday period.

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  1. Hi Ian. Sorry for the delay in replying to the facebook invite. I am presently on-lined out!