Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rejuvenate yourself with a little 'Inner Christmas' this year.

There are many ways to get to the top of the 'Christmas mountain'.
Some get there by believing in the birth of a Christ. Some get there by believing it is a pagan festival moved centuries ago to fill in the calendar and some get there by believing that Santa Claus is working his miracle.
But how you get there does not matter!
Christmas is a festival conducted in December each year which involves thinking about our families, enjoying ourselves and (providing you dont work for a large retailer) some catch-up on your sleep.
For some it is a time when we are able to reflect on the past year and ready ourselves for the trepidations of the next year.After all this one has been pretty exacting for most of us.We've had to deal with a lot!And not to mention the impact of all those financial monkeys stuffing the world economy up by selling stacks of 'sub-prime ' mortgages to Americans who could not afford them.
In this life there appears to be little let-up and the breaks that we get need to be savoured and exploited.
Christmas is a time when we can rejuvenate our inner selves and our spirits. We can refresh our thinking and stumble across some new angles for moving forward.
This might well be known as your 'inner Christmas'.
For some this will be a new concept.For some it will be an alien concept.
And for those in business or working in a business it is critical to spoil yourselves with some quiet moments to reflect on your life thus far, the rut you are in or the difficulty you are having with your working relationships.
And to help you get started on this exercise I can refer you to several resources that appear to have merit.
One is 'Inner Christmas' and the other is a video on You-Tube .Both of these were brought to my attention by interesting people I am following on Twitter.
I commend them to you.
Happy Christmas to you all!

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