Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why dont we use our intuition more to solve problems? It's usually free!

Part of last weeks training session with Arthur Shelley on knowledge management was a team exercise where we were asked to nominate our top 5 ways/resources we use for solving problems or getting answers.
We had to put these in order on 5 pieces of sticky paper and then place them on 5 big sheets of paper on the wall. The analysis could then begin about the methods that we use around the office to obtain answers and knowledge.
To say the least it was enlightening. We found that Linda, a female partner in our firm, dominated as a source of information. She is technically up-to-date, computer-savvy, easy to approach, does not waffle and will tell you that she does not know if she does not know.
By following the pieces of paper we then absorbed the faint hierarchy that exists in respect to fall-back tactics that people adopt should their first action fail to gain the answer.Google and other sources outside the firm also featured strongly.
But the thing that surprised me was that I was the only 'muggins' who admitted to 'meditating on it'.I have found ,as I have become 'longer in the tooth' , that a few moments spent referring my problems and issues to my internal guidance system has often paid handsome dividends.
Once upon a time I would have removed myself from my chair instantly and approached the nearest poor sucker for an answer.
Maybe its because I don't have the same capacity to remove myself from my chair as I once did. Maybe its because the sap is declining. But calling on my 'inner self', or 'higher power' or whatever has a lot going for it.
The hardest part is to listen. Human beings have this propensity to want to take action. We have been conditioned to do this.
Sometimes if we are thinking or listening to our inner selves it appears that we are not working.But I have found that my best work is often done in this manner.

So if you have a desire to get some better quality answers and simplify your work may I respectfully suggest that you listen more carefully to that inner voice.

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  1. Anonymous12:28 am

    Blimey i never thought that i would live to see the day when an accountant advised using instinct rather than stats!

    I agree with you but i think that the reason we do not use our instints as much is that as a society we are driven to use stats for every thing so we forget to use instincts.

    Unfortunately i cant imagine my bank manager going with 'my gut feel'rather than a business plan, but you never know!