Saturday, November 07, 2009

Who says Kevin Rudd is not possessed of a sense of humour?

The Blowfly is grinning from ear-to-ear presently. For some time you have been an ardent supporter of the view that KRudd has perhaps the sharpest sense of humour in the Parliament.

Recent events , such as the the appointment of Peter Costello to the board of the Future Fund, have confirmed your opinion and your little chest is bulging at being right.

Down the halls of Parliament House you roam heading for KRudd's office.You swing past Wayne Swan's office and rest on the wall for a moment because you think you can hear KRudd's mono tonal voice. But it turns out to be Wayne doing the economics homework set for him by Treasury.

"Macroeconomics is about the economy as a whole, microeconomics is about specific economic units;
Macroeconomics is about the economy as a whole, microeconomics is about specific economic units;Macroeconomics is about the economy as a whole, microeconomics is about specific economic units,..........". You leave him with his pain and move on.

You find KRudd in his ante-room relaxing with a book you read years ago, "The Wit of Sir Robert Menzies".He is chuckling to himself.The one that has struck his fancy is "Prime Ministers are always being blamed for something.It's fair enough, because they are given credit sometimes for things they didn't do".

He stops to reflect a little just as you land on his shoulder. You instantly latch onto his thinking process with your psychic prowess.

"Oh this has been such a good week! I loved the look on Paul Keating's face when he held that press conference about Costello's appointment to the Future Fund board.Being PM is quite a lot of fun really.I know why Howard was so reluctant to give it up.And the way Paul called Costello a 'policy bum' was sheer genius.Paul Lyneham used to say that policies 'were carefully devised Government strategies often dreamed up by Prime Ministers on talkback radio shows'.I wonder what Paul's definition of a 'policy bum' would be in that context?"

"It's a lot lot of fun pretending to be bipartisan.All the former high-profile leaders except Howard are now in positions where they have reasons to say nice things about me.I'll soon be ready for my next brilliant moves.This is better than sex! No-one will be able to keep a straight face after I appoint John Howard to the UN. And wait until they hear about Downer's appointment!"

"And Paul called me a 'goodie two shoes'.Malcolm called me a hypocrite.Therese told me that I must've been doing something right.I just love this job!Therese has always reckoned I have a perverse sense of humour. She's a smart woman that one. She sure is lucky she married me. She's never looked back".

" I wonder if I could find an appointment for Wilson Tuckey when he retires? It must be soon. He's the oldest MP. Maybe Andrew Robb should be next though.He's taken some leave recently. He probably needs it more than Wilson."

Just then you feel a little breeze and the deputy-PM appears at the door. Julia has a new hair-do and gets straight to the point.

"Are you going to sit there chuckling to yourself all day? We have work to do!"

You hear Kevvie say to himself "Spoilsport! She always wants to work rather than have fun.She doesn't
spend enough time at the hairdressers.I could ring up Trinnie and Susannah to ambush her for a makeover. Heh!Heh".

It is time for The Blowfly to take his leave. You circle the half-eaten cranberry sauce and turkey sandwich the PM has left on the table and adroitly land. As you take your fill you ruminate on the words of the American comic of the 1930's that stuck in your minute brain some years ago:

"As our Government deteriorates our humour increases".

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