Monday, April 19, 2010

Christine Nixon's crucifixion could be KRudd's resurrection.

During the last 2 weeks The Blowfly has been wrestling with time,crucifixions, aliens and dreaming.

Time has flown so fast that The Blowfly thinks that he may have been abducted by aliens. This happened sometime after Easter. It also meant that The Blowfly missed his blog last week.

The last thing he can remember after Easter was sitting on KRudd's shoulder and channelling his thoughts while the PM read the weekend newspapers.

KRudd was pondering the reports of Christine Nixon's whereabouts and doings on Black Saturday.

" Good Lord", he mused, "why is John Brumby supporting this woman and not my hospital plan? can she possibly be effective as a leader unless she micro-manages like I do?................why did Therese get me to read this article and tell me to take real good note of Nixon's leadership style?............where did I have my evening meal on Black Saturday?...............thank God I'd been to the hairdresser during the week before the fires.............imagine someone being interested in writing Christine Nixon's memoirs.............if they think hers will be interesting then I will be an absolute shoe-in for someone to write mine.........although it would probably be better if I wrote mine myself because I like writing essays...............that'll give me a few more bob for my post-PM jaunts...........I was beginning to think that Therese would have to fund our retirement.......... hmmmm but if I delegate it I might get lucky like Hawkey did and get a biographer who's a real hot sheila and........ (thoughts censored because this is a family blog)..............(another thought censored because this is a family blog).............(another thought censored because it is information that might disappoint thinking Australians who believe that our PM is intelligent and only thinks about work)...............(static).....(crackle).......(more static)........"

At this stage The Blowfly lost contact with KRudd's thoughts and seemed to tune into another scenario in another dimension far , far away where 2 'beings' were discussing the future of mankind and how they might be able to improve it.

It went like this.

"That Christine Nixon has certainly demonstrated high-level delegation skills. One of Harvard's finest products I believe.Imagine being confident enough in your own abilities to leave men in charge of the control room whilst she went to get her hair done.That takes balls!Big balls! Margaret Thatcher was the last woman who showed that sort of mettle." The other 'being' nods.

" It seems to me that it would be in Australia's best interests to put Christine Nixon's brain into KRudd's. That would take away a lot of the prayers and secret cursings we are getting from all those public servants who are being micro-managed by him."

"And it would also allow me to answer Therese's prayers about helping her husband to delegate more," the other 'being' adds.

" I reckon we should do it next Easter. That will allow Australians to vote KRudd's government in again and Nixon to complete her work helping those bushfire affected communities to be rebuilt. KRudd wont have stuffed Australia completely by then. And Christine's brain likes a really staunch challenge!"

"And it will be quite symbolic too," says the other 'being',"because whilst she is being crucified by the media now, we will allow her to 'rise again'........Easter is the perfect time. Quite a novel outcome! KRudd will then think like Nixon and Nixon will start to behave like KRudd.Nixon's brain can focus on team-building and putting experienced people in charge and KRudd's brain can take the glory for Nixon's work.A real win/win."

"We have to be careful though! We don't want it to go awry like that time when we switched Jeff Kennett's brain with Paris Hilton's."

"But no-one noticed that mistake," quipped the other 'being'.

It was then that The Blowfly awoke.

"What..... a........ dream! What a dream! It seemed so......... real...........maybe I just had too much chocolate over Easter.........."

The Blowfly felt a little pain behind his left ear and wondered if , perhaps, his thinking was now being monitored by aliens with a lovely new high-tech brain implant.

Or perhaps he just needed a new pillow!

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  1. Maybe Brumby will appoiont Nixon as the new Health Manager for Victoria. Perhaps that was the last negotiating point with Rudd.

    Would certainly cut out those 'extended' lunches.