Monday, September 26, 2011

Spiritually, Labor's situation is perfect!

The Blowfly is a spiritual little insect and always looking for the hidden meanings in the events of our everyday lives.

Most voters will be on one side of the spectrum or the other.

They will be thinking either that Tony Abbott is the great saviour from the likely cataclysm of the carbon tax and the sky subsequently falling in OR on the other side of the spectrum there will be those who think that Julia Gillard is trying desperately to make ‘apricot jam out of chicken-manure’. Some will recognise that she rested the leadership from a control-freak who spoke Mandarin to the Chinese but who shouted obscenities to anyone who got in his way. But others will say she bought it on herself. She should’ve stayed at home in the kitchen and not cared about the future of our country.

Those who think that Tony Abbott is the great saviour are prepared to forgive him for floating in the breeze on most issues, making little sense on asylum-seekers and, worse still, thinking that being on the same platform with Alan Jones regarding the ‘convoy of no significance’ will somehow make him look more intelligent and sincere.

But then there are the swinging voters in the middle!

These are the ones who are genuinely making hard work of this situation.

These are the ones who sometimes watch Question Time. They are appalled at the behaviour and language of the Opposition. They see an Opposition leader who is always smiling a smarmy smile and making the most abominable and aggressive accusations-----much like the ones that they saw in the school-yards when they were in primary school!

They see a Prime Minister who is desperately trying to be civil against overwhelming odds. Her eyes look tired. Her spirit seems somehow to continue although she cannot take a trick. Her carbon tax has dented her reputation because she was accused of lying when she simply changed her mind to fit the circumstances she found herself in.

So as a spiritual little insect The Blowfly has started to ponder how he might advise the Prime Minister if he was, per chance, appointed as her spiritual adviser. Sort of like a Deepak Chopra or Dalai Lama of the insect world!

The Blowfly would start by expressing honour that had been called to serve a redhead. They are special!

The Blowfly would tell her that the situation is perfect for her skills and demeanour.

ALP Governments have always prided themselves on being reformers.

The Blowfly would tell the PM that she should forget about the turkeys taunting her across the dispatch boxes and simply go for broke.

She, after all, has nothing to lose.

She could start to set a new standard for behaviour in the Parliament. Don’t play Tony Abbott at his destructive and embarrassing behaviour. Don’t bite back. Let it flow over her head. Let him demonstrate the true extent of his personality.

The swinging voters would them come to understand the wise words of Tony Windsor when Tony said that he wasn’t inclined to ‘inflict Tony Abbott on the Australian people’.

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