Monday, October 17, 2011

The Carbon Tax is now firmly in God's hands---as it always was!

The Blowfly is sometimes prone to delusions of grandeur.

From time to time The Blowfly imagines that he is God.

As God, not only have you created the Universe but there is a little planet called Earth which you are particularly proud of.

It is at an interesting stage of development. You managed to give them a kick along in their development some years ago by sending some envoys from a more advanced species in the Cosmos to build a few pyramids and a Sphinx and then, later on, crashing a few flying saucers in the US and allowing the technologies to be disseminated.

Because you are God you get to indulge yourself in substantial recreation.

Your favorite pastime is creating hurdles for human-beings to jump over.

When you were creating Earth you built in a self-organising system with the climate. It adjusts itself to whatever is happening. The occupants have time to adapt. Sometimes you intervene. You couldn’t really see where the ‘dinosaurs-thing’ was going so you sent a comet to obliterate them.

You are fascinated at the tensions the climate is causing mankind but you are on track with your grand plan.

As a thinking God you created several free sources of energy.

Solar for starters-----that’s why you put the sun there! And geothermal, the oceans, and more recently, muon-catalysed fusion.

The human race somehow got bound up with fossil fuels but you have been encouraging them to move to the free sources. This will cost them less and there is an infinite supply. A century ago you sent Nicola Tesla to provide free energy but Thomas Edison and the capitalists got him.

In one country on Planet Earth, Australia, you have created a delicious situation to start the whole process of moving to free energy.

You have a warped sense of humour and you decide that this is an opportunity for personal amusement.

Firstly you set up a hung Parliament. You figure that if Australia can get a carbon tax through a hung Parliament then many other countries will follow suit.

To get the symbolism right you line up the 2 sides.

On one side are the capitalists, the business lobby, the Catholic Church, latte-sipping do-gooding lawyers and shock-jocks.

These are pitted against the workers, the unions, latte-sipping do-gooding lawyers and the environmentalists.

Then you give the Baton to a woman. A red-headed, unmarried ‘living in sin’ woman!

And finally you give the role of Opposition leader to a Catholic who had previously trained as a priest. With the Jesuits!

See the delicious symbolism here?

You cannot restrain yourself from laughing every time you think about it.

The day comes when the bills are passed.

Your red-head excelled herself by providing a national photo opportunity by kissing her nemesis, Kevin Rudd.

But the ‘mad monk’ excelled himself too! He gave a ‘blood promise’ to repeal the carbon tax. A ‘blood promise’!

The theatre of the moment was not lost on the populace--nor the media.

But as God you simply smiled a knowing smile.

You know that once human beings get used to free energy sources they won’t go back to fossil fuels.

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