Monday, October 24, 2011

Malcolm Turnbull's guardian angel is on the ball!

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are Malcolm Turnbull’s guardian angel.

Life has been rather challenging for you of late.

You have been trying to guide Malcolm to fulfill his life’s purpose but it seems to him that he is really up against it. You perceive that he has retreated into his shell a little!

You had him on a roll a few years ago when he was leader of the Liberal Party.

Not only had he been able to instil some intellectual rigor into the economic debate but he had shown unprecedented leadership by negotiating a bipartisan approach to an emissions trading scheme with Kevin Rudd.

But then the Old World Order got at him. And the business lobby! The forces for capitalism!

This caused Malcolm to have second thoughts about his whole life.

He had previously viewed himself as part of the Old World Order-----and, for that matter, a member of the business lobby.

He was, after all, a self-made squillionaire who had risen to wealth utilising good connections, a sound intellect and the new opportunities afforded by the internet.

And he had also done the bidding of Goldman Sachs!

How close could a parliamentarian have been to the Old World Order?

But by some strange quirk of destiny the forces of capitalism and the business lobby decided that their interests could be best expressed through a Jesuit-influenced, Catholic Rhodes Scholar with a reputation for pugilism and being a disciple of his former Liberal leader, John Howard.

The Old World Order thought that such a background would mean an unparalleled devotion to resisting change and retaining wealth in the hands of those who already possessed it.

Malcolm, bless his soul, was confused about the end game.

You, as his guardian angel, knew that a carbon tax was going to rearrange the wealth in our society, create employment and stimulate innovation.

You also knew that Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt and all the nay-sayers would just view this issue in terms of climate change and that we were a small nation and could make no difference etc etc.

But the boys (and girls) in the higher realms are always trying to work miracles and open things up for future generations.

So, with the powers vested in you by the archangels, you have been adroitly guiding Malcolm towards his destiny.

You have helped him lose weight and keep his counsel on his real thoughts until the big moment arrives.

The moment when the populace, ready for a change from Labor, is almost certainly going to vote in a Coalition Government.

The moment when the business lobby sees their best interests as served by changing our economy over to cheaper and cleaner energy sources.

The moment when the New World Order seeks a leader for the future.

The moment when , standing in front of a television journalist uttering senseless three-word slogans in a policy-free zone, Tony Abbott pulls out 2 big shotguns and shoots himself firmly in both feet for the evening news-viewers of Australia to see for themselves.

Being a guardian angel is such rewarding work. But you have to be patient!

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