Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Abbott's election comments:Insulting to Queenslanders!

Prior to the Queensland elections the silliest comments came from Tony Abbott.

He claimed that the Queensland elections really constituted a referendum on the carbon tax.

“Oh dearie me”, The Blowfly thought, “how stupid does he think Australians are?”

And specifically , for that matter, Queenslanders!

Tony is a Rhodes Scholar. A Rhodes Scholar!

Why does he go on with this political drivel?

How can he stand himself?

How can he go home and face his wife after he has uttered such stupidity?

Queenslanders have had to overcome a lot over the last few years!

Floods and pestilence to name a couple! A high dollar chipping away at their tourism industry.

But the carbon tax is well out of their span of thinking.

They were more concerned about Anna Bligh, Bob Katter and Campbell Newman.

And sugar cane and bananas. And cyclones! And dam control manuals and how engineers interpret them. And insurance premiums!

Most of them have little idea about what a carbon tax will do to the economy.

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