Friday, March 30, 2012

Abbott's paradoxical approach to wooing women voters!

The Blowfly is enjoying watching the Opposition leader’s attempts to woo women voters.

Firstly we have the parental paid leave scheme. At a time when Tony Abbott is denying a company tax reduction to companies he is introducing a parental paid leave scheme which is likely to be a bigger impost on businesses.

But he needs the female vote!

And now we have the possibility of taxpayer-funded subsidies for baby-sitting!

It is apparently one of his ‘aspirational’ policy initiatives that he would like to get on the table to show how caring he is about working women.

Whether it gets implemented will depend on what the Productivity Commission reports and whether the Government can afford it.

But in the meantime he continues to play the ‘bully boy’ and be quite aggressive with our first female Prime Minister. As do other members of the Opposition! Christopher Pyne particularly!

If Tony Abbott cannot see the paradox of this then we should review our understanding and perceptions of his capacity to lead our nation.

Because what it means is that he will resort to symbolic gestures to deal with sections of our community rather than reflecting on his core approach and adjusting it to their real needs.

In this case, women want to see that he is consistently attuned to their value as human beings.

You don’t demonstrate that by saying that the PM ‘has a target on her head’.

The Blowfly can only imagine how my mother would've regarded that comment!

The Blowfly would've been dead-meat.

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