Monday, April 02, 2012

Germaine Greer: For or against feminism?

The Blowfly has always had a rather healthy respect for Germaine Greer.

Not that he has ever read ‘The Female Eunuch’!

The respect has emanated from her provocative statements on any subject you could care to mention.

She is a stirrer supreme!

But she is associated with the women’s liberation movement. In fact she would seem to be the symbolic founder of it to present day women. Most have forgotten Emily Pankhurst and her struggles to obtain the rights for women to vote!

Women’s liberation is all about equality. And rights! And respect!

Some years ago Germaine stirred the pot by posing nude. And she produced a coffee table book of young beautiful men.

So when she advised Julia Gillard to change her style of dress what should mere mortals make of it?

Our Prime Minister would seem to be a keen proponent of women’s liberation.

Unmarried. Living in a relationship. Unapologetic about it. Devoted to a career. No apparent plans for children.

What else could Germaine look for as a symbol of women’s liberation?

So why would Germaine turn on her own gender?

To tempt Tony Abbott to make an off-the-cuff remark that would provide a further opportunity for him to explain the difference between the ‘truth’ and the ‘gospel truth’. We all need a good laugh from time to time!

Or to see Tony Abbott apologise? If only he’d apologise for all those 49 failed censure motions that have wasted Question Time!

Or to reveal that Germaine is yet another hypocrite that roams our planet?

As a women’s libber you might have expected that she’d have more to say about Tony Abbott’s budgie-smugglers than Julia’s coats.

Or to kill off the women’s liberation movement altogether because it has gone far enough?

Women have achieved the highest offices in our country and now women know that they can do it nothing will stop them.

Or maybe Germaine wanted to draw the attention to some of the woeful male outfits that male politicians adorn themselves with daily. Sort of like a reverse compliment.

Or maybe her involvement in the “Grumpy Old Women” series on the ABC simply got to her and she decided that any tall-poppy female is fair game.

Or maybe, just maybe The Blowfly thinks, she is the victim of Pudder’s Law : “Anything that begins well ends badly.”

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