Monday, June 18, 2012

Dirt files lead you to the political hypocrites

The Blowfly has been particularly bemused by the excitement about ‘dirt files’ this week.
Blowflies love dirt files.
The surprise would be that there was a politician who was not deserving of a dirt file.
For some strange reason the notion that politicians are unlikely to have dirt files is part of the illusion of politics.
Let’s take the PM for starters.
She is an unmarried woman living in sin. Besides her present partner Tim she has been in a previous relationship with Craig Emerson, one of her Cabinet colleagues.
In addition during her lawyer days it appears that she may have had other relationships.
You don’t get to be PM by joining ballet classes and enrolling in home economics----especially if you are acting for the Union movement.
Let’s take Tony Abbott.
He was a swash-buckling , young, aspiring Liberal at Sydney University who was learning how to be a Liberal. You don’t become a Liberal by going to bible classes and mixing with computer geeks.
And even take Kevin Rudd. He is now doing a good act of trying to be a ‘goody two shoes’ and going to church each Sunday but, as a public figure, his warts in due course got into the public arena thanks to a wonderful essay by the journalist , David Marr.
And even a goody two shoes such as Andrew Wilkie was found to be vulnerable simply because of something that was done at Duntroon yonks ago. He was involved somehow in bastardisation.
But hell, its Duntroon!
These guys and gals are going to be in the front lines looking at bullets coming at them and having their throats slit. You don’t need wimps in the armed forces.
Politicians, unlike blowflies, are human beings!
They do things that other human beings do.
The only question is whether they do things that voters might take offence at.
And as we voters allow our moral boundaries to move it becomes a little harder to offend us.
However if another politician can stumble upon something that voters might take offence at then it might allow a political advantage.
And we voters are so damned gullible!
More than half of us are inclined to believe the lies that Tony Abbott utters and be receptive to the 3 word slogans that emanate from his lips.
If somehow, just somehow, our politicians were perfect we might have politicians like the Rev. Fred Nile.
And that would be just as offensive to our parliamentary processes as the current crew. They would be bombarding everyone about how we should live our lives, what we should and should not read and whether we should believe in god etc.
That would be hell! On earth!
Dirt files are simply a necessary part of the balance between the political forces.
The major purpose of dirt files is to allow the hypocrites to be revealed.
Now that is what the really fun part of watching politics is all about.
So when Tony Abbott creams the Government for creating dirt files we should fall out of chairs laughing.
This guy is the most shameless hypocrite that The Blowfly can recall.
His lies, his misrepresentations and his misleading comments know no bounds.
But he is just doing his job!
He is preparing his Party-–and the Coalition—for government.
Tony is the ball-runner. The one who takes the ball up to the other teams line of defence and, just when has almost penetrated it, he slips a pass to a flashy, side-stepping inside-centre who dances his way over the try-line.
And there is another use for dirt files.
The dirt files are of valuable use inside your own party.
When you most need to nobble an aspiring colleague you pull out the dirt file and show it to him. As they splutter indignant words of repudiation you tell him or her, that ,unless they pull their heads in you will either leak it yourself or lend it to your opponents.
That’s why Malcolm Turnbull is sitting pat.
He knows that the work is being done for him----mostly by his colleagues----who simply could not bear to have Abbott lead them in forty directions at once --with his weather-vane capacities to be populist at all costs.
What Australia needs now is a strong, focused principled leader----not a Howard or an Abbott!
And the Liberals know that!
And so do the Nats!
Ain’t it delicious?

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  1. Anonymous10:36 am

    A wonderful read to begin the week. Long may you leave maggots of commonsense in the minds of your readers. :)