Monday, July 30, 2012

The ultimate despising of the Opposition leader who 'cried wolf'

The Blowfly's small brain is a two-edged sword!

If it was bigger it would be able to deal with more complex issues

But being small sometimes it can distill out the simplicity.

During the week The Blowfly concluded that Australian politics is probably simpler than most people perceive it to be.

I was alerted to this by a distant friend.

He, being  distant, can often garner more clarity on things than I who is close to to the action.

I had shared with him The Blowfly's tendency towards feeling forlorn about the next Federal election.

Half the population think that Labor is struggling to govern but they dread Tony Abbott being Prime Minister.

Why is the populace so negative?

On the one hand we have a reforming ALP government who is really making hard work of it-----but making headway none-the-less!.

Theoretically it is backed by a trade union movement which should be to it's advantage. Bob Hawke was able to deliver his economic reforms because he made the union movement stakeholders in his programmes. And they , by and large, went along with Bob.

Today the union movement is also , by and large, going along with Labor's reforms. This takes a high level of trust in the Government because 2 of those reforms (carbon tax and minerals rent and resources tax) according to the Opposition, will decimate jobs in this country.

If the union movement believed the carbon tax and MRRT were bad for employment then they would revolt-----not follow blindly!

The Opposition has been extremely good at playing to the fears of the populace with a very negative message.

The Government on the other hand has been pitiful at selling it's message and rationale for reform.

And the union movement has not helped the Government by exposing its very own problems with governance and greed for all the populace to see. That a union leader could be paid more than a prime minister is paradoxical to most Australians.

And the apparent popularity of Tony Abbott with the pollsters is deeply puzzling to those who simply want what is best for this country.

Should Abbott succeed in becoming PM a new chasm will be excavated in our society.

Abbott has practically told every lie there is to tell about the state of our economy, the impact of the carbon tax, the need for the MRRT, the motivation of the PM and the roles that his own team have played in making sure that the hung parliament is anything but a 'gentler polity'.

The chasm will emerge because ,should he become PM on the basis of such a negative approach and supported by a propensity to tell such huge porkies and misrepresent economic matters, the Australian populace will know that he is a liar and he will lie to them again----and again!But when?

Abbott will be simply despised!

No-one will know when to trust him and when not to trust him.

He will be the political equivalent of the 'boy who cried wolf'.

He said the sky would fall in but it did not. In fact new economic opportunities opened up to those who pursued a clean energy future.

He said the mining industry would be decimated but it was not. In fact new investment was undertaken.

He said the Australian economy would be crippled but it was not. It grew even stronger.

He said his policy would stop the asylum seeker boats but it did not. In fact his policy just caused problems with Indonesia. And the real reasons the boats kept coming during Gillard's reign were that the asylum-seekers expected a harder time getting asylum under Abbott. Perverse isn't it!

He said he had nothing to do with the Slipper affair and he knew nothing of it. But we all know deep inside ourselves that he has a way with words and this was not the 'gospel truth'.

He said he supported a 'gentler polity' but he has done his best to upset the equilibrium of the Parliament and reduce it to a place of bitter conflict, demeaning personal insults and farcical stunts like running from the chamber when Craig Thomson caught them on the hop. 

Nonetheless over 300 pieces of legislation have found their way through the 'farce'. 

I suggested to my friend, the clear thinker from afar, that Labor seemed like 'the lesser of two evils'.

He replied that the situation could better be described as  'the evil of two lessers'.

And at that point The Blowfly recalled the old saying: "The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes longer".

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