Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An eCommerce learning group for eEntrepreneurs

Down in the boon-docks the eCommerce entrepreneurs are slaving away trying to build their businesses within the fast moving world of new technologies
Web 2.0 is upon us and these people are evaluating the new social networking tools to promote their businesses, expand their sales and build new strategic alliances.Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are their tools of trade.
But underpinning every eEntrepreneur is a period of intense learning about what their websites should look like, who are the better hosts, how they can drive traffic to their sites, how they can maximise their search engine attractiveness and whether they should proceed to a blog.
It is difficult and testy stuff!
But some have had huge pay-offs! They all know of sites that have been sold for millions after running at losses for years.
About 3 years ago my own daughter started the planning for an eCommerce business. Burdened with an accountant as a father she was forced to develop a business plan before she went 'live'.
Thus started my education in this difficult and challenging area. My learning curve was steep. she is a whiz-----I am a luddite (but learning fast).
Last year I started an eCommerce Learning Group within Davenports so that our clients could share notes, discuss strategy and build their learning in a safe environment for idea development.
During the first few meetings I struggled to get a word in edge-ways and many meetings between members with mutual interests took place outside the group.
Some people simply came to develop their business plans. Others to test their proposed strategies. Some to do business. They all sign confidentiality agreements prior to mparticipation to allow them to discuss their ideas freely.
At the last meeting we tackled 'social networking for business'. We found that it was very challenging and next time we will try to pull it together and distil the hard startegies that people are using into possibilities for our own businesses.
Tony Clements of Aegeon gave us a demonstration of their social networking software for businesses, It has huge potential!
For me, all I can say is that, just like Big Kev used to be----"I'm excited!"

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Its great to see you talking about the Davenports E-Commerce group. Its a fantastic initiative that you've set up and the group is always full of intense discussion and discovery.

    It has been truly interesting seeing the similarities in the difficulties that the internet entrepreneurs that attend your events have. Issues such as finding good programmers/web developers, finding good hosts at the right prices, SEO and SEM strategies, marketing through the use of social media, etc.

    As always the group makes for good interesting discussions for the geeks that we all are.


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