Sunday, May 03, 2009

Malcolm Turnbull---The Visionary! An opportunity for the taking!

Imagine, if you will, that you are a very curious and well- read blowfly that has firmly positioned itself on the shoulder of one Malcolm Turnbull ,the Leader of the Federal Opposition.
Yours has not been a hard life! Whilst many of your cousins have been clamoring around the swill-filled bins of Sydney you have been able to feast yourself on the sumptuous refuse of the eastern suburbs.

Vaucluse has always had a certain air about it. Besides the wonderful homes there is the history. You can remember your mother showing you the rock on which the first W.C. Wentworth sat whilst he scribbled out the NSW Constitution.

You have always considered yourself privileged to live in such an illustrious place and rub shoulders with the well-to-do and the elite.

Today you find yourself at home with Malcolm while he is pondering his fate and doing some strategic planning between his ears.

As usual he is doing this with a glass of Dom Perignon and with a glorious view of the harbour before him.Life is tough at the top and good champagne has always been your favourite tipple.
You can hear his mind working and today his thoughts are being channelled neatly into your small, but lucid, brain.

"This is not a good time to be a Liberal leader", he thinks. "Liberalism is based on the freedom of the market to allocate resources and those greedy capitalists in the USA have given capitalism a bad name.Governments all over the world have had to bail banks and other large organisation out. Many of these institutions are now owned by governments.Damn! Damn! Damn!"
While he is wrestling with this you do a couple of laps around his champagne glass and distract him.

But he is soon back on the band-wagon and you can hear him thinking thoughts of envy about Kevin Rudd's opportunities to cement himself in forever."Labor has always been good at spending taxpayer's money and now the ALP is in its element. And not only that, they get to roll out a national broadband network.That will stand them in good stead with Generation Y voters during the rest of your lifetime.I'll be as old as Ronald Reagan before I get a guernsey to run this country and put my stamp on it.And I know more about making money out of new technologies than KRudd!Remember Ozemail? God, why did I get this crappy hand of cards?"

You look longingly at the champagne glass but the moment has not yet come for your swoop into the liquid.
" And that bloody Peter Costello! Why is he being so coy about his future? He knows more about the economic situation then the rest of my entire party but he wont share it.I know he doesn't know the answers either but, bloody hell, he could be an extremely good sounding board for me while I am wrestling with the answers myself.I wish we got on better!I just wish I could just muster more humility when I am dealing with him."

You feel as one with his agitation and you decide that he needs to re-focus so you attempt to get up his nose. It works! He comes to his senses and starts thinking about the future and how he might out- muscle KRudd. His merchant banker brain cells come to life and you can sense that his opportunity-seeking behaviour is about to manifest itself.

" Maybe I could out-vision KRudd?" he ponders.
"Perhaps I could do what Lee Kwan Yew did in Singapore? I could focus on the post-GFC Australia ,say ,10 years down the track. This would provide the populace with welcome relief from their current pain.While KRudd is dealing with the complexities and difficulties of the present I could emerge as the Messiah and lead Australians into the promised land.Who says I have no vision?"

At that moment he leaps from his chair filled with elation to dart down the hallway to tell his wife and you have your chance. You leave his shoulder for the pleasure of the champagne glass as the sounds of " Lucy, Lucy ,I have it, I have it" echo around the house.

This has been a rather pleasing Sunday from your perspective!Your charge's life's work has just begun---and you have helped your country yet again. Ain't life wonderful?


  1. Don't give him ideas. And how about using that long jigger on your keyboard - the spacebar - a bit more often, like, after one of these.

  2. Thanks Earl. I'm editing it to put more spaces in. Feedback much appreciated!