Sunday, August 23, 2009

The ALP must be really worried about Turnbull's prospects

The Blowfly is presently chuckling to himself about the ALP's attempts to undermine Malcolm Turnbull.

In The Blowfly's small brain he is trying to fathom their strategy.

Firstly, after KRudd caught poor old Malcolm out on 'Utegate' you'd think that being silent and letting Malcolm wallow in his own stupidity would've sent a strong message to the Australian voter. KRudd would've looked like the statesman and Malcolm's actions spoke for themselves.

But then KRudd had to go and ask Malcolm to resign. It made KRudd look like a schoolboy who was simply playing 'tit for tat' as they do in school playgrounds around Australia each day. And boy did they 'Labor' the point! Over and over again ad infinitim!It was sickening!

Doesn't he have minders? People whose job it is to stop him from demeaning his image.Well they weren't on board that day.

If Malcolm is such a dunce and the ALP reckon they can knock him off at the next election why are they trying to undermine him. Surely if they think he's that crook then a champion Chess player would allow him to battle on with their encouragement knowing that he's not up to the mark.

Secondly, and to make The Blowfly's Sunday morning, we have the Labor Party trying to push Malcolm through the political floor by disclosing that he tried to join the ALP whilst Hawkie was around.

This says more about how little difference there is between the 2 ends of the political spectrum in Australia than it does about Malcolm Turnbull. The Blowfly has squatted on Malcolm's shoulder. He knows that Malcolm knows that if you are wealthy and you want to make a difference in Australia then you should join one of 2 parties.Being impatient (as Malcolm is) he would have to join the one in power when you first made your move.

From there on in the hurdles are much the same. Its the same old shit!

Both parties have barristers in them. Both have accountants,solicitors, business-people and a sundry range of diverse backgrounds. The Liberal Party does not have the sole rights to wealth and entrepreneurial activity in their ranks. There is also much mixing of blood. Nick Whitlam is an investment banker and I presume Gough is still proud of him.Both parties have arse-holes. Both have intellectuals. Both have egotists. Both have people who have not realised their potential.Both have arrogant big-heads who talk down to everyone else.

The Blowfly thinks , with his minute brain, that even a drover's dog could see that the differentiating features between the policy platforms of the ALP and the Coalition are so slim that a severely drought-effected sheep could slip between them.

The Blowfly thinks that the ALP must really be concerned about Malcolm's capacity to win the next election. That can be the only explanation as to why they are not leaving him to his own devices. They know they would be a shoe-in regarding knocking Abbott, Hockey or Robb off. But Malcolm! Well he could afford to fund the whole election campaign from his own coffers---if it came to the pinch!

So for The Blowfly, KRudd's attacks on Turnbull are all a juicy diversion to the real matters of state. Much like the food refuse bins at the Royal Easter Show divert a fly's attention from the real heart of the Show----the cow shit in the livestock pavilion!

The Blowfly's chest now bulges with pride at the symbolism he has just created.

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