Sunday, October 11, 2009

This emissions trading issue will be the making of Malcolm Turnbull

This week The Blowfly is in deep sympathy mode for Malcolm Turnbull.
It seems that each time Malcolm shows leadership his party whips hips him.
And each time he does not show leadership his party whips him.

Perched on his erstwhile shoulder you feel his pain! After all this is the guy who told the late Kerry Packer to get stuffed.And undoubtedly risked his life in the process!

At least he has the support of his wife.

But beyond that he is wondering who will step forward.

"I used to be able to count on Joe Hockey", you hear him thinking.

But then you hear him dismiss that loyalty as a passing phase Joe is going through.Joe would love to get to trade punches with his former Channel 7 panellist, KRudd.

"They should trust me to negotiate anything", Malcolm thinks. "They should put my performance at the Constitutional gathering behind them. I have grown since then.I learn't a lot from John Howard. He never said sorry and nor will I" .

The Blowfly notices his chin dropping and that sad, forlorn look comes over him.

The Blowfly thinks that maybe Malcolm needs to go to see someone trained in NLP so he can rejuvenate the little programme in his mind which releases the positive statements.

Lucy enters with his cup of coffee and a Tim-Tam.

"Why don't they trust a silver-tail to lead them , darling?" he enquires wistfully.

" Because , sweetheart, they are all wankers!" she retorts without a thought.

As she goes on her way he wonders to himself why he is unable to see things as clearly as wife.

Then he recalls the words of Winston Churchill. "They are decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, all-powerful for impotence"

The mantle of leadership falls gently upon his shoulders again.The Liberal Party once again has a leader.

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