Sunday, October 18, 2009

Will Malcolm Turnbull die of natural causes or will he be murdered?

On Friday afternoon The Blowfly was perched on Malcolm Turnbull's shoulder as he was reading the erstwhile piece of journalistic sagacity , the Australian Financial Review.

There was a story in the centrepiece, Review, about the writer Leo Tolstoy.Apparently the cause of his death has exacted speculation for many years.The writer speculated that he may've been murdered.He proposed an article entitled "Did Leo Tolstoy Die Of Natural Causes Or Was He Murdered?: A Forensic Investigation"

I saw Malcolm twitch a little and then he did one of those wistful looks out the window that he does so well. Lucy loves them. She has a little romance in her and says that "the wistful look always highlights his beautiful eyes".

But as I tuned into to his thinking I could see that he was pondering the possibility that the same options confronted him .

"It's hard being a blue blood", he thinks to himself, "I don't need to have the same basic concerns that confront the populace. I can afford to think about the big picture.Not like those damn farmers and their National Party mates who are always trying to discount the effect on the climate of their farting cows and the effects of the trees they chop down."

"If only they would let me lead from the front.Dear me!But I must remember the words of Hull --- 'He who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away'."

" And why have the ALP been able to paint me as the problem here? They have not been able to convince the minor parties either. Penny Wong is smarter than I thought. I under-estimated her.I think they're just using me as distraction to take everyone's minds off the global financial crisis. And that damned Stimulus Package! I wonder if the Australian public will ever realise that they were hoodwinked? Treasury worked out a long time ago that it would pay for itself over a decade with the extra taxes collected from all those poor fools who came forward for their $900 who were not in the tax system. 22000 extra taxpayers in the system at last count!And if its not extra taxes it will be reduced Centrelink payments because the incomes will now be properly caught."

You decide that this is the best time to get up his nose.You lift off gently and head for the hairs in his nasal vortex. He sees you coming and ducks. You land on the mantelpiece. You can see him in a different light from this perspective. A man who could be prime minister---but isn't! A man who wants to be loved by the populace---but isn't! A man with good ideas! A man with a deep sense of wanting to do the right thing by Australia---but who cant!

"Oh dear me", you thought to yourself, "I hope he does not get murdered in the party meeting on Sunday afternoon. He has so much to give and so much to learn"

From the mantelpiece you picked up his parting thought. It was from the management guru Peter Drucker----"It is more important to do the right thing than to do things right".

It was the solace The Blowfly had been looking for and you buzzed off to the kitchen in search of your afternoon tea.

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