Monday, February 15, 2010

Behind every clever PM is a sharper woman.

This week The Blowfly has found himself back in the realms of the seat of real power------The Lodge--------and the home of Therese Rein and her husband, Kevin07, KRudd or Kevvie ----as she adoringly calls him !

It hadn't been a good week for Kevvie because he had taken a hiding in the Parliament from the new Opposition leader, Tony Abbott.And also it appears that the populace are starting to wonder whether his promise to fix the health system was one of those Bob Hawke classics like 'no Australian child will be living in poverty'.

Also Peter Garrett had let Kevvie down by appearing to be a little vulnerable over the insulation affair where young workers have lost their lives.

But Therese was on top of the world!

She had shown Joanna Griggs from Channel 7 around The Lodge showing off not only her lovely garden but also her new slimmer figure.

It is obvious that she is feeling pretty good about herself but this is at a time when Kevvie has some doubts about himself coming up to the election later this year. His 19 marginal seats are weighing heavily on his mind and he is not quite his loving self.

The Blowfly has always been a not-so-secret Therese fan.

He thinks that Therese is really where the KRudd persona emanates from. And this week he simply had his position reinforced.

Kevvie was sitting in his study at The Lodge reading The Australian and mentally preparing his next boringly , shitful essay to impress the voters about his intellectual prowess.

Therese literally sprang into the room sporting a huge smile and giving him a lovely peck on the cheek.

"You're in a good mood, darling", said Kevvie, "Why are you so happy?"

"Well ", she said, " I've just come back from my annual physical check-up and pap smear etc and the doctor says that I have the breasts of a 30 year old woman". Her eyes glistened with pride.

The Blowfly could see Kevvie's mind working. Shaped by the events of the week he boldly replied.

"Did the doctor say anything about your 52 year old arse?"

Therese stopped dead in her tracks, but without blinking, replied: " No, your name was not mentioned"

The Blowfly choked and found himself totally decomposed. The last time he had found himself floating through space laughing from his wings to his smelly feet was when Anita Keating told Paul that he was 'a little too over-bearing' for her.

But that is the lot of a politician! Captive to his wife's personality.

The Blowfly recalls the famous quip of Sir Robert Menzies to sugar growers in Bundaberg in 1953.

He told them that when people met his wife they thought rather better of him."With a wife like that', they think, "he can't be as bad as we thought."

And so it is with Kevvie!

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