Monday, March 15, 2010

This week there are more questions than answers.

This week The Blowfly has had a little change of pace.

He felt a little off earlier in the week and decided that he could possibly resort to a thinking week rather than a week of sitting on a politician's shoulder. He found that a rather interesting way of exercising his poor demented brain was to simply put himself in other people's shoes. This also allowed a little more variety in his thinking----he could expand outside the rather cloistered world of politics if he wanted to.

The tactic The Blowfly used was to think of particular individuals and list the questions he envisaged they would be pondering. To warm himself up to the task he started with relatively simple human beings and worked his way to the more complex.

Lara Bingle
  • With friends like Dermott Brereton, do I really need any enemies?
  • What ever did I see in Brendon Fevola?
  • What does anyone see in Brendon Fevola?
  • Was Wayne Carey serious when he sought to give advice to Brendon?
  • What do I see in Max Markson?
  • Where the bloody hell was Michael Clarke when I really needed him?
  • Will he have a better chance of succeeding Rick Ponting now that we have broken our engagement?
  • Should I get insulation put in the ceiling of my new apartment?
  • Why is Sam Newman not married?
Pope Benedict
  • Is is possible that there is a linkage between the vow of celibacy that priests have to take and their sexual interest in children? Could that be possible?
  • Who was responsible for introducing that damned vow anyway?
  • Why wasn't I interested in children?
  • Will this undermine the reputation of the church?
  • Will the claims break us financially?
  • Why do I wear these red shoes everywhere?
  • Why didn't Tony Abbott persist with the priesthood?
  • If I'm supposed to be infallible in what direction do I lead the Church?
  • How is The Church of Scientology dealing with all their negative publicity?
  • What can we learn from them?
  • Why don't they have a vow of celibacy?
  • Do we have mutual interests?
Tony Abbott
  • What have I started by listening to my daughters about this maternity leave issue?
  • What are the implications of it for the economy?
  • Will more women have babies if we introduce a maternity leave scheme?
  • Will that lead to a greater demand for housing?
  • Will that drive rents up?
  • Will the banks respond by funding more investment properties?
  • What can I do if they don't?
  • Should I talk to my colleagues more before I open my mouth?
  • I wonder what Kevin Rudd is going to do with Peter Garrett?
  • I wonder what Malcolm Turnbull is up to?
  • Why don't accountants from Queensland make good shadow ministers?
  • What am I going to do with Barnaby?
Kevin Rudd
  • What else can go wrong between now and the election?
  • What job can I allocate to Peter Garrett?
  • What will happen to my election prospects if Barack Obama can't make his Australian visit?
  • How am I going to explain to the voters my inaction on whaling by the Japanese?
  • Why is Penny Wong so unpopular with farmers?
  • How can I get Wayne Swan to be more like Peter Costello was?
  • Am I going to drink that coffee the Indonesian President bought as a gift for me?
  • I wonder what Malcolm Turnbull is up to?
  • I wonder what mundane career Therese would've pursued if she'd not met me?
  • Is there any other way that I can make public servants work harder?
  • In this hierarchy have I yet risen my level of incompetence?

The Blowfly has found that this angle of thought has allowed him to reach outside himself and develop a level of empathy with his fellow human beings he has not previously experienced.

He can only recommend 'putting yourself in the shoes of others' to fellow travellers who enjoy congregating around the rotting refuse of life.

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