Monday, June 07, 2010

The pressure on KRudd is simply delicious.

The Blowfly is keeping a close eye on KRudd these days because he knows he holds the key to our short and long term futures.

Kevvie is under severe pressure.

Looking forward he has the fight with the miners on his plate coming up to an election. Initially he had the support of the academic economists and that counted for something.But now some of the professional economists such as Chris Richardson from Access Economics have opposed the new resources tax.

The mining companies have a lot to lose with this fight so you can expect that they will run the ball up hard.You see all around the world mining companies are extracting non-renewable resources from the ground. Many of the poorer nations such as Nigeria and Brazil would be keeping an eye on how Australia handles this. These nations stand to benefit in 2 ways.

Firstly ,if we get our resources tax in place and overcome the howls of the miners then they might then change their tunes and impose resource taxes too.

And secondly, if the miners are true to their word, that the tax will stifle new investment,then this investment will undoubtedly go to places like Nigeria and Brazil.

For those countries it is a simple win/win situation.

We are putting our sovereign wealth on the line. David Murray the head-honcho of the Future Fund has questioned the Governments stance. no doubt he is concerned about the bigger and long-term future. If investment in Australia does fall away the value of the Future Fund will take a hit and we will have difficulties meeting the unfunded pension liabilities of public servants.

Coming up to an election it is a high-risk game to be playing.

Kevvie has also lost face because of the insulation scheme failure and the deferral of the ETS not to mention the 11th hour bid to tackle Japan about their whaling practices before the international court.

And to top it all off he has a very capable deputy strutting her stuff in the wings.She seems unable to put a foot wrong or draw a suitable controversy or stuff-up to herself.

Then we have the gradual expression by the business community that they know why his "I need to have my hands on every lever" approach is constraining policy implementation. Lindsay Fox expressed it during the week. If you are in business you have to delegate and assign to other people otherwise you are cactus and a burden on the health system.

Julia Gillard runs a big department.She seems to have the capacity to run the country with one arm tied behind her back.

Kevvie knows that he will probably get back in but even if he does with his present management regime the writing is on the wall for him.

He probably needs to read Ronald Reagan's memoirs and some of Peter Drucker's books.

Kevvie needs to keep his mind on the bigger picture.Doing the right things at present is more imperative than doing things right.

In the words of Murrow:"The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes longer."

And if that is not enough The Blowfly remembers the words of Adams: "Success has made failures of many men."

The Blowfly admits to feeling a certain warmth for Kevvie.But deep down he realises his affection is purely opportunistic.Kevvie is in deep shit and blowflies revel in deep shit.It is pure bliss!

Gillard however is a 2-edged sword. If she gets to be PM there might be less shit.She doesn't speak Mandarin!But the cartoonists will have a field day. A female PM!A 'ranga' to boot!And married to a hairdresser!

As the actress said to the Bishop, "Gee that's a hard one!"

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