Monday, August 02, 2010

Labor might be leaking, but the Liberals are being hypocritical!

The Blowfly is totally bemused by the notion that someone in the ALP seems intent on destroying the credibility of 'Our Redhead' by leaking views she expressed in Cabinet meetings.

It might well be KRudd who is doing this but , frankly , it does not seem in his best interests to take this course of action.

The only chance he has of a Cabinet position or a junket overseas with the UN is for Julia to be swept to power. Otherwise , politically, he is CACTUS!

Mark Latham may well be right about Rudd being a serial leaker. That may be another reason why Rudd did not avail himself of the full capacities of his Cabinet colleagues in running the country-----he knew how tenuous Cabinet solidarity can be be----because he had undermined Beazley in that way.But that was then, not now! Even KRudd will have his own best interests at heart----with or without gall bladder!

But The Blowfly knows that where there is shit flies do congregate.

And there is plenty of shit around the ALP presently!

But blowflies never , ever eat their own. That is something peculiar to the Labor Party. Some would say it's because they simply have no taste.

Some have said it might be Lindsay Tanner because he is retiring from Parliament and could not give a damn. But even Lindsay is not going to hand over the achievements of his last few years in power to the Liberals for them to screw around with.

But deep within Labor ranks there must be a sick puppy who was relying on Kevin Rudd to advance his or her career. That person now has no chance whatsoever of 'moving forward' and therefore nothing to lose from 'leaking' confidential Cabinet discussions.

And The Blowfly loves the hypocrisy of the Liberals talking about how improper it was the way the ALP removed KRudd.

He remembers the words of Andrew Peacock in 1985: "Politics is a bit like a revolving door and you've got to make sure you're in it".And Andrew Peacock should know after the swapping and changing that he and John Howard engineered between them.

The problem with the Liberals more recently was that they did not have the balls to remove an 'elected' leader (Howard) who was well past his use-by date and it probably cost them the opportunity to stay in power.

Deep in the minds of electors The Blowfly psychic capacity is reading a rather curious array of sentiments.

Many are not certain about Gillard-----but they certainly do not want Tony Abbott to be Prime Minister!

They see the ALP self-destructing but they also do not want the Coalition to deny them the National Broadband Network and the potential for Australia to lurch into the eCommerce arena.

The younger generation see Conroy totally
stuffing the notion of an internet filter because of the influence of the religious lobby and large numbers are really aggro about this.

The general populace knows in their heart that the Government did the right thing by spending all that money to keep our economy moving during the GFC and that the Opposition's claims about all the debt are rather hollow-----because our economy is still in relatively good shape compared to most overseas economies.

Maybe we should turn to the words of Sir Robert Menzies in 1946:"In the long run there can be no high politics unless all parties have a sense of direction. We need to return to politics as a clash of principles, and to get away from the notion that it is a clash only of warring personalities."

The Blowfly does not always agree with Laurie Oakes but today he does. Gillard should simply stand on her record and tell the people about the Government's achievements during exceptionally difficult times.

And talk about the changes Abbott will make and how it will affect them.

Just for once 'looking back' may be better than 'moving forward'.

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