Monday, August 09, 2010

In this election we might well be in a 'parallel universe'

Should any of you be budding physicists then this election will constitute overwhelming evidence that the concept of 'parallel universes' is a distinct possibility.

The Blowfly has long had the capacity to jump between these parallel universes and now finds that many politicians have the same ability. But most of them don't realise that it is happening.

After KRudd's victory in 2007 The Blowfly had, on the morning after the election, experienced an 'altered state' and , although initially was totally confused in his new universe, he settled into the swing of it. The 'altered state' emanated from eating some rotting mushroom sauce dripping from on an old, half-eaten steak he found in a bin outside a Canberra restaurant frequented by pollies.

The Blowfly awoke this particular morning in another universe---- and in the year 2012.

In this universe John Howard had resigned in late 2006 to give Peter Costello a 'heads-up' to become Prime Minister. Costello had performed well, as had his Treasurer Malcolm Turnbull.Although the ALP still tipped Beazley out in favor of Rudd and Gillard it was not enough for them to win the election.

A Costello/Turnbull government was returned with jubilation only to be confronted by the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS. They handled this rather well by pouring money into the economy. They developed an 'education revolution' and initiated a school building programme, developed a programme to insulate Australian houses and also gave Australians back some of their taxes to spend. The complaint from the Opposition was that the $900 didn't go far enough and many bogans spent it on plasma tv's and poker machines.Later on the insulation programme ran into difficulties when the Minister in charge, Barnaby Joyce, did not respond quickly enough to safety concerns.

KRudd, as the Opposition leader, criticised the Government for spending too much and burdening the country with crippling debt. But Australia fared rather well, in comparison to other countries, and started to prosper again well before the 2010 election.

KRudd and his deputy, Gillard found it difficult to get traction during the 2010 campaign because Costello and Turnbull, despite the lack of warmth between them, were able to convince the electorate that not only had they applied normal Keynesian economic strategy to the GFC but they had also sprung energetically from a better base due to the good economic management of the Howard/Costello years.The electorate was grateful, and Costello's good-humored style and open-mindedness (that Howard had lacked), meant a 'no-contest' election campaign in 2010.

Meanwhile back on the hustings Gillard had difficulty dealing with KRudd's abrasive style. He was a know-all to say the least and had an irritating habit of lecturing to those who would listen about his latest pet theory. After the election loss to Costello/Turnbull in 2010 KRudd was removed by heavies from the NSW Right who realised that although he was knowledgeable he was also a nerd who held a higher opinion of himself than they did.Gillard then became the first female Federal Opposition leader.

About this time The Blowfly sneezed and found himself back in the middle of the 2010 election campaign.The sudden move back to reality was a little challenging.

Just when the polls were showing that the ALP were up against it John Howard has returned to 'fight the good fight' (no doubt with Janette's blessing to "help that nice young boy,Tony, who looks up to you and who thinks like you,John").

The Blowfly thinks that this might be just the boost Labor needs!

Howard criticizing Australia's first female PM and acting as if he were a succession-planning genius who had handed the reins over in plenty of time for Costello to win the last election.Howard nor Abbott seem to realise that Howard's appearance will simply remind many voters why they voted for the ALP in 2007.

At a time when most of the media is focusing on Gillard's asking Rudd to be more involved in the campaign no one has given a thought to the Workchoices wounds, the 'Tampa' wounds and the "I'm not going to resign because my wife wont let me" wounds that 'little Johnny' will open up.

Howard unfortunately finds himself in this universe when it is obvious he should be in the other one.The Blowfly also knows that hypocrisy is found in both places.

The Blowfly is over-joyed that Latham has appeared from the other universe to label his nemesis, KRudd, as a 'serial leaker' (who would've believed it!) and to be the conscience of all ALP leaders going forward during his lifetime.Erratic as ever but with a striking ability to 'cut to the chase' Latham is both revered and despised. A politician of his apparent honesty is one thing that this election needs to give it some excitement.But he is no longer a politician!

Latham has been in the other universe for a while but, The Blowfly would suggest, he finds it a lot more fun in this one.

KRudd ,in the meantime and after lamenting his lot in life in an altogether different universe where he went on to be our nation's saviour, has secured his future in a future Labor Government because of his 'generous' offer to campaign------ but not beside Gillard! She is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

And there are still many voters who think that Gillard moved in a pre-meditated way against KRudd.Although Philip Adams and Laurie Oakes will tell you differently, she would have also been seen as disloyal if knowing, before the election, about the polling results in Queensland (that KRudd was not willing to face up to), she had not forced the issue with him.

Can you imagine the furore within Gillard's own support-base the morning after KRudd had lead the ALP to a resounding defeat? Some party official would take great joy in leaking that she had not spoken up and acted in the interests of the Party and the trade union movement.

The Blowfly recalls a George W Bush quip: "It will take time to restore chaos and order."

And in the words of Gerald Ford: "Things are more like today than they have ever been before"

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