Monday, August 16, 2010

Rudd's management disease is spreading

The Blowfly has observed that Kevin Rudd's 'management disease' seems to be spreading around both parties.

Firstly Julia Gillard announced her Citizen's Assembly without any apparent reference to her Cabinet .

Then we had her 'Cash for Clunkers' which appeared to be as big a 'knee-jerk' reaction as one could imagine.

Then to top it off Tony Abbott has indicated he has been similarly infected by announcing that he is going to have a telephone on his desk to be rung every time an 'asylum boat' is stopped so that the captain of the Naval vessel might be advised what to do.

The Blowfly is appalled that Abbott does not appear to have the ability to annunciate a policy that could then be executed by public servants.

This is Rudd-mania and micro-management at it's worst.

Oh dearie me! What has this nation come to?

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