Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The 'real elephant in the room' is Rudd's management----not Rudd!

One of the lingering misgivings of this campaign is the way "Rudd was dumped"

The Blowfly sees the press fuelling it everyday.

This morning a union leader hung his hat on it.

All the evidence appears to be that the Rudd Government was becoming dysfunctional because of Rudd's personal style which simply replicated what he had overseen in Goss's office when Goss was the Queensland Premier.

An old quote that has been going round in The Blowfly's head for years is "that lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny". And they sure do!

We can only be grateful that the ALP cherished the future of our country to the extent that they were prepared to bite the bullet so close to an election rather than letting it linger.

But Rudd's management , not Rudd himself , is the real 'elephant in the room'.

And no-one has seemed to pick up on it during the campaign.The Blowfly can understand why the ALP have not honed in on because of their embarrassment.But he thinks that it would've been fair game for the Opposition.

One thought The Blowfly had was that the Opposition had not picked up on it because of their embarrassment at Howard losing the last election because his ego would not let him relinquish the leadership to Costello.

But The Blowfly has concluded that such a conclusion would demonstrate too much humanity from the Opposition rather than hypocrisy.

And hypocrisy is the basic tenet of this election campaign.

The Blowfly will be happy to have this election over and done with so our leaders can start to deal with each other with some modicum of civility . As much as any politician can!

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