Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top secret ALP strategy on climate change revealed.REPOSTED DUE TO RELEVANCE

The Blowfly has discovered why the Gillard Government appears to be making such hard work of climate change.

The Government is secretly working on a number of other initiatives that, when they come to fruition, will place Australia at the forefront of green and sustainable energy technologies.

Other countries will be looking to Australia to meet their greenhouse emission targets.

Australian taxpayers and, particularly, big business think that the present pre-emptive strategy of going it alone will send jobs offshore.


This highly secret Government strategy will have jobs flooding into Australia. And we will need all the refugees we can get just to keep up with the demand!

It all started with Kevin. Kevin 747.

He appeared to have botched the show at Copenhagen.

But then along came Malcolm Turnbull who offered Kevvie a deal on getting the ETS through Parliament. Kevvie got all excited. You see , Malcolm is a business man. He used to work with Goldman Sachs. He knows all the tricks.

Malcolm suggested that the Government be seen to be going down the hard road---ETS, carbon tax etc---but really be siphoning off large amounts of R&D into a number of highly beneficial, strategic areas. Our new technologies could then be sold to the rest of the world. Australia would be sitting pretty, supplying technologies to the rest of the world to enable them to meet their emissions targets.

The Blowfly, during his recent forays into Parliament House, discovered some of the technologies that are being secretly brought forward.

Firstly there is ‘oceanpower’. This includes all forms of energy emanating from the oceans: tidal, waves, currents, temperature and salinity gradients (whatever they are). Several large wave/tidal farms are presently planned for our coastline (see

Secondly there is ‘solar thermal’. This is where the sun’s heat is used to make steam or a very hot fluid. This is then used to turn a turbine and create electricity (see

Thirdly there is ‘geothermal’. Australia has enough geothermal energy to power our nation for at least 100 years from just one site in central Australia (see

Fourthly there is ‘solar thermal and ammonia storage’. This intriguing technology will allow renewable fuels to be generated and exported. Japan could be powered from solar energy collected from Australia’s arid areas (see

And then there is the ‘king hit’! ‘Muon catalysed fusion’. Currently a one gigawatt power plant burns 4.4 million tons of coal to operate for a year, producing many thousands of kilograms of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc. The only fuel used in the muon catalysed fusion creation process is deuterium - a naturally occurring molecule abundantly available in sea water - and only 150kg of deuterium would be required to run a power plant of comparable size - without emitting any climate change gases. This requires 2 Olympic swimming pools of sea water. Dramatically reduced reliance on coal, amazingly inexpensive retro-fitting of existing power stations and the regional dispersal of power stations would follow (see

At some stage just before the next Federal election in 2013 Julia Gillard will call a press conference and announce the grand plan. Malcolm Turnbull will be appointed as the Managing Director of the Australian National Energy Organisation. At the ensuing election the ALP will be returned with a majority of its own and the ‘hung’ parliament will be no more.

And Tony Abbott? Well Tony Abbott will simply be free to lead the Opposition to another 3 years in the wilderness dreaming up three word slogans and criticizing everything in sight.

Unlike climate, some things will never change!

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