Monday, July 18, 2011

Writing 'crap' is what journalists do best.There's plenty of material.

The Blowfly was deeply disturbed recently when the PM suggested that journalists should refrain from ‘writing crap’.

Deeply disturbing! Because blowflies love crap. They live in it. They revel in it. They walk in it. They smell it! They touch it! And they even make love in i

So, from a blowfly’s perspective, the more of it the better!

And besides journalists love writing crap!

And there is so much crap to write about!

These are some of the ‘crap’ stories The Blowfly remembers from an evening discussion around the garbage tins underneath Parliament House recently.
• The carbon tax is the reason for the profit fall of David Jones--- talk to Gerry Harvey about the real reason for the decline of ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailing in Australia---online retailing!
• Twiggy Forrest’s complaints about the mineral resources and rent tax as not being in the national interest----we all know he is increasing his wealth at our expense!
• Tony Abbott’s party machine is dreaming up new policies for the next election and will release them late like John Howard did in 1996----his only policies for the next election will be to repeal the carbon tax and the minerals rent and resources tax and numerous other things that he doesn’t agree with! Abbott is not creative---he is a political bully-boy---much like Kevin Rudd was!
• That the sky will really fall in when the carbon tax is introduced----like it did when the GST came in----and capital gains tax!
• That Bob Katter has asked Pauline Hanson to join his new party and stand as a candidate-----as if he won’t have enough trouble achieving credibility without doing that!
• That the PM lied to the electorate about introducing a carbon tax prior to the last election----she had to get into bed with Bob Brown to form government and she had a responsibility to Labor voters to do so! She changed her mind---as is a woman’s prerogative!

The Blowfly has a certain sympathy for journalists who find themselves prone to writing crap.

That is because of the old adage in journalism ----‘crap in, crap out’.

Journalists have been under enormous pressure from the Federal Government to make the Australian public think that the reason we should all be supporting the carbon tax is that we can change the momentum of climate change one way or the other.

The ‘real’ reason that Australians need the carbon tax is simply that we want a better environment in which to live.

We have been cleaning up our river systems for some years. We’ve had ‘Clean-up Australia’ days. And we have all seen the smog that hangs around our cities. We know that this is harmful to our health.

Not only that, we do need to get a head-start on the development of the new clean energy technologies. We can develop a new revenue stream for our nation if we get the lead in these areas. This will provide us with export income and increase the wealth of our populace.

And it does not require the depletion of our natural resources as Twiggy is doing.

It simply requires the use of our nation’s intellectual property-----and that is renewable!

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