Monday, August 08, 2011

The Coalition's climate change approach: how it might have been developed

The Blowfly has been stretching his tiny brain trying to understand the Coalition’s approach to climate change and the carbon tax.

This is how The Blowfly imagines it might’ve happened.

Tony Abbott, Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones were all marooned together on a tropical island for a couple of weeks.

Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones were saying that the climate is changing but there is nothing humans can do about it. And if they are going to do something it will be so costly and produce such a miniscule effect that it will ruin our economy.

And also, although Australians think of themselves as leaders in many ways, Alan and Andrew manage to convince Tony that Australians don’t want to be seen to be leading the way in improving the only habitat humanity presently has.

But Tony Abbott is really only interested in one thing------getting into power!

His political brain is working.

Abbott knows that if he scares enough people about the carbon tax the next election is his. John Howard did this with the Tampa, after all.

He knows his line is against the general thrust of Liberal Party policy.

Abbott knows that big business is polluting our atmosphere and country in the pursuit of their profits. But big business is also funding the Coalition’s election campaigns. He knows that big business is stuck in the past. They are the old world order. He knows they don’t like changing the ways they are making profits.

He knows that Europe is ahead of us responding to climate change and innovating for the green economy. He knows that millions of jobs will be created by the new economy.

Abbott knows that the ALP has worked this out and that the millions of new jobs will help the ALP’s coffers more than the Coalition’s.

There is nothing in it for Tony to support a regime that supports jobs growth because the unions will just get stronger. If the unions get stronger then the ALP will have even more funding support and will tend to win even more elections.

Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar. He knows the ropes. If you are going to pitch for votes and win elections you have to appeal to the stupid untalented people who have stupid, untalented tastes. You have to appeal to the poker machine players who are enslaved by capitalism with no hope of lives other than reality TV shows, game shows, sitcoms and hospital, legal and crime dramas.

Everywhere thinking is sacrificed for fear and cheapness. Everything is disposable and short-term. Policies that require long-term commitment are shunned for ones that garner short-term popularity and votes.

Tony also knows he has to keep it simple.

He has to develop 3 word slogans and put the fear of God into the populace.

Abbott knows that the ALP is moving the Australian economy into the 21st century. But his role is to put the handbrake on so that big business can maintain their existing economic base and not have to change their business models

In the words of Murrow: “The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes longer.”

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