Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Malcolm Turnbull's Dilemma.

The Blowfly would like you to put yourself in the shoes of one Malcolm Turnbull, Federal Member for Wentworth and shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband.

It is just over 2 years since the spill motion against you and you lost the leadership of the Liberal Party.

You lost 42 votes to 41 to Tony Abbott. Peter Slipper is now the Speaker. He reckons he voted for Abbott. That makes it 41 votes each.

You were the managing director of Goldman Sachs operation in Australia before you went into politics. You sold your stake in Ozemail for $60 million in 1999. You have been listed in the BRW’s Rich 200 list for a few years and are the only sitting politician to have that honour.

You have recently been on a diet and you are looking mean and lean.

You are playing the waiting game.

As you survey the political landscape looking for a chance to advance your ever-present interests you ponder the lot of some of your colleagues.

You look at the job that Hockey and Robb are doing and you roll your eyes. And then you roll them again. And again!

You ponder how the Coalition got out of economic-jail at the last election simply by losing it.

The $11.5 billion black hole in the election promises costings has now been stretched beyond all means. The Labor Government is struggling to reform the economy----but succeeding none-the-less!

And the black hole has been exacerbated by your own Leader who has not only promised to repeal those reform measures but has committed to keeping much of the new income streams for the populace. Most economists now say that the black hole is in the vicinity of $70 billion.

You remember reading an article recently which described the discovery of a black hole ’10 times the size of our solar system into which billions of suns have vanished like a guilty thought.’ You think you may know of a similar black hole.

You wonder if the strategies presently pursued by Tony Abbott will amount to anything at all.

You wonder when your colleagues are going to be sufficiently fearful of Abbott’s leadership that they might tap you on the shoulder.

You were always one to think big!

But if you can’t be Leader you want to be Treasurer.

And sometimes when you are in a darker mood you wonder whether Tony Abbott will have the courage to approach you to be the Shadow Treasurer. You know you could whip Wayne Swan .You know that you could help steer the Coalition to victory. And Hockey would eat your dust!

After all you live in Vaucluse. You have manners. You have found Catholicism. You know how iPhones work. And, even better, you have strong links into Goldman Sachs. They run and finance the world and you could be useful to them. Even more important than Mark Arbib is to the US!

But really! Would you want to serve as a Treasurer to ‘Prime Minister’ Abbott?

Could you really hack his political hypocrisy?

Oh dear me, what is a silver-tail to do?


  1. Anonymous10:27 am

    And hockeys audit lie is still smouldering

  2. Anonymous too4:32 pm

    Anonymous, Hockey's smouldering "audit" is dead, buried and cremated by the main stream media unfortunately.

    Good post "Blowfly". Will Turnbull stay the course if he can't be the leader in the next year or so?