Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rudd and Twiggy: The deal that thankfully never was!

The Blowfly can only cackle at the revelations that Kevin Rudd was in the process of pulling a rabbit from a hat in respect to the minerals rent and resources tax just before he was rolled.

Here you had the 'elected PM', who was supposedly everyone's darling working on a deal with one of the wealthiest men in Australia to conclude an alternative deal that would apparently result in an 'infrastructure boom'.

So much for the Cabinet decision-making process!

From one perspective it shows how much Rudd was the 'odd man out' in his party.

Devoid of factional support he was isolated from the realities of his ALP grass roots.

What next was he going to negotiate alone?

We already have a 2 speed economy that is putting the screws on manufacturing.

Did Rudd really consider this when he was negotiating woth Twiggy?

And when was Treasury going to get involved and , for that matter , Ken Henry?

There is no doubt Australia does need a boost to it's infrastructure.

Sydney needs new roads and railway lines. Melbourne needs needs new roads and railway lines.

Peter Costello put aside huge amounts into 'funds' because they knew that the surpluses could be spent on new infrastructure but if they did pull out the cheque books the economy would go crazy.

We didn't have enough tradesmen because the mining industry was already causing shortages in the skills areas.

How were we going to spend billions on infrastructure with causing inflation to accelerate?

Did Rudd not think of this?

Even Kochie could've told him!

And can we even start to believe that Twiggy was negotiating with Kevvie 'in the national interest'?

Not likely!

It is sad to think that Kevvie was such a maverick.

At least this sort of thing will never happen if Abbott gets the levers, you might say.

Liberals do it differently, you might think.

But look at what Howard did on GST and the expenditure on the Murray Darling Basin.

Where do politicians get off not using Cabinet processes to run our country?

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