Thursday, April 12, 2012

When will Gillard finally snap?

The Blowfly has often pondered the delicate line that Tony Abbott is treading in his pursuit of Julia Gillard.

Admittedly it is a difficult tightrope and most mere males would struggle with it!

But consider this!

Most women I have known in my time have a point somewhere in their psyche that draws an invisible line in the sand.

They cannot be pushed beyond that line!

Once there they simply decide that no man will get the better of them.

At some stage, and real soon, Julia is going to reach that point.

This may occur in a number of ways.

One possibility is that she will conclude that she will lose the next election and that she may as well leave her mark on Australian society.

She will then pull out the really big guns and go for broke.

Abbott won’t know what hit him.

She, for instance, could decide to back a couple of the really exciting new technologies that are lurking around that have the capacity to revolutionize our economy AND REPEAL THE CARBON TAX.

At the same time she could make herself a real saviour of the working classes and DOUBLE THE MINING TAX.

This would allow her to make a significant cut in company taxes and thereby reduce the impact of the mining sector’s vibrancy on the Australian manufacturing sector.

Another possibility is that she will simply determine that Abbott is the last thing she wants to inflict on Australians and she will set out to undermine him----but in a female kind of way!

She will do him slowly! Over a barbecue.

For instance she might start wearing a smart frock rather than the suits.

She will use her feminine wiles to side-swipe him and make Malcolm Turnbull look good.

She might even find a way to make Joe Hockey appear to be a talented economist.

She might even wink at him over the despatch boxes! And smile her knowing smile.

A little flirting maybe!

Slowly she will whittle him away.

To nothing!

She did it with Kevin Rudd! And she can do it again.

More ‘Bob Carr’ moments! Plenty more.

No budgie-smugglers or scare tactics will save Abbott then. Not even George Pell or Gerard Henderson will be able to save him. Nor Janette Howard!

The ultimate weather vane will have disappeared forever.

Someone else will have to run up the flag for political hypocrisy.

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