Monday, April 09, 2012

Tony Abbott: A great source of fun for the Universe!

When The Blowfly identifies something extremely funny in the universe he has this overwhelming compulsion to share it.

Some blogs ago I referred to the karma that Tony Abbott was creating by his aggressive stance and posture in the Parliament.

All those censure motions that he has staged will undoubtedly come back to haunt him.

This week Tony got a couple of serves from dear ole karma.

Firstly, it appears that his softening of the capacity to bring criminal charges against union officials and unions when Howard was trying to make Work Choices more palatable is actually a stumbling block in Abbott's attempt to crucify Craig Thomson and have him kicked out of Parliament.

Oh how sweet it is!

And then we have the phenomena of Tony's sister announcing that she is in a same-sex relationship and expressing her hopes that he will change the Coalition's position on same-sex marriages.

Oh sweet mystery of life. How can the universe contain itself?

The Blowfly wonders what will happen next to poor ole Tony.

Will George Pell announce that Tony is his love child?

Will one of Tony's daughters stand for Parliament at the next election for the Greens?

Will Tony's household be substantially better off when the carbon tax comes in?

Will Speedo stop making 'budgie-smugglers' because Germaine Greer thinks they are inappropriate?

Will the constituents of his electorate make public submissions to him to support the NBN because they don't want to be disadvantaged in a digital world?

For those of you who are keen students of karma and, for that matter, hypocrisy please do not hesitate to draw The Blowfly's attention to the many gems that abound the life of Tony Abbott.

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