Thursday, April 26, 2012

Turnbull the Messiah: Preparing for the Second Coming

Today The Blowfly is astride the shoulders of Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm is out for his early morning walk across Sydney Harbour.

One of the advantages of being a Messiah is being able to walk on water!

As he walks across the Harbour he spots some fishermen close by.

Their faces are forlorn because the fish are not biting.

Malcolm calls out to them: “Throw your lines over the other side.”

That is another advantage of being a Messiah------you know where the fish are biting.

And when you are a Messiah you also have a very strong sense of your own destiny.

You know you are born to lead. You know you can be patient in respect to your divine right.

You know that that the pragmatists in the Liberal Party are simply mortals who are ignorant of the workings of the Universe.

You are the Master!

You know about information technology because you made your fortune out of it.

You know about the dynamics of the financial world because of your work with Goldman Sachs.

You know about water because you were the minister for it in the Howard Government.

And you know about Sydney because your wife was the Lord Mayor.

In fact you know about most things.

Except you are not sure how you came to be rolled by your Party for the leadership! And by one vote! You ponder whether it was Peter slipper's vote.

Being a Messiah, you are the bearer of the conscience of the Liberal Party and your destiny, so you think, is to return the pragmatists and ideologically uncommitted to true Liberalism.

The conscience of the Liberal Party was passed to you in a dream by the spirit of Sir Robert Menzies some years ago. You were holidaying in the Bahamas and sipping expensive champagne.

Whilst it is that you are presently experiencing a sort of purgatory because you are not totally in the limelight you are also aware of the illusion that is being created by your ‘leader’, Tony Abbott.

He thinks he is in charge.

But you smile a wry smile. You know who is in charge, don’t you?

You whimsically dismiss the little voice in your head that says, “George Pell”.

You suspect that George Pell at least has a shoe-in because you and Tony are both Catholics.

But after watching Q and A recently you think you might prefer to listen to Richard Dawkins.

“Life is full of mystery”, The Blowfly thinks.

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