Monday, September 10, 2012

Barnaby Joyce: The Purveyor of a Fine Illusion

The Blowfly is continually amazed by the capacities of Queenslanders to create illusions.
Bob Katter has created the illusion that he is a saviour of the State and quite capable of preserving all the inherently beautiful things associated with a world where telephones were the most effective form of communication.
Kevin Rudd managed to fool the ALP and the Australian public into believing that he was the Messiah and could lead Queenslanders from the wilderness.
And not to forget Joh Bjelke-Petersen who was able to create the illusion that he knew best----until the brown paper bags and other minor corruptions turned up!
And now there is Barnaby Joyce!
Keen to obtain a seat in the lower house of Federal Parliament our Barnaby has managed to capture the debate about the sale of Cubbie Station and turn it into an election campaign for himself.
The illusion is that he cares about who owns this farming property and whether it would be in the national interest to sell to Chinese and Japanese interests.
The illusion is that he cares about the local community.
But that is the best part of the illusion!
The Blowfly loves rotting carcases. They are dead. The only activity is that of maggots. No sign of economic activity however!
And so it would be with Cubbie.
If it is left to rot then the employment it creates will be lost.
The purchasing in the local community of supplies will be lost.
And all the economic flow-on effects!
As well farmers have been told for yonks ‘to get big or get out’.
So Cubbie is big. Very big!
Too big for any Australian business to buy with a view to profit.
So Barnaby suggests it may be an option to break it up and make it smaller and less viable.
And this comes from an accountant!
And he says he knows best what is in the national interest.
Barnaby knows what is in his interests.
He knows that to portray himself of the saviour of rural Queensland will ensure that he gets the support he needs to enter the House of Representatives.
The Coalition is quite happy to see interests in non-renewable mining resources sold to overseas interests but not renewable resources like farms.
“Oh dearie me “, as my late grandmother used to say, how hypocritical.
And then we have the Liberal Party wimpering at the sight of Barnaby doing his thing.
Abbott disagreeing with Barnaby but not flagellating him.
Hockey flagellating him but not landing the knock-out punch!
The truth behind the illusion is that they want Barnaby in because he will ensure the Queensland vote.
The Coalition is not stupid.
They just look stupid.
Still another illusion?

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