Monday, September 13, 2010

Australia needs to be in the hands of a woman presently

For The Blowfly this has been a very busy week.

Earthquakes in New Zealand, sexual discrimination cases in David Jones,Paul hogan being allowed out of the country without paying all our hard-earned taxes and ............ a new Government!And a new ministry!

Sometimes The Blowfly wishes he was blessed with a bigger brain so he could think more like a ........well, a politician!

There is one thing for certain..........there is no better time to see our country in the hands of a woman! Not a Julie Bishop sort of woman. But more a Western Bulldogs sort of woman.

Our Julia has a bit on her plate! In the vernacular ----"it could not happen to a better woman!"

That is because she has the right style of temperament.

Kevin Rudd was a bit precious. He thought himself a bit too much for The Blowfly's liking.

But Julia has the common touch!That's why she goes to the footy.

And she will need it dealing with all those testosterone-filled males around her.

And she can also laugh at herself in a natural sort of way.

And from what a Blowfly can glean by hanging around the garbage bins at Parliament House the mandarins who run our public service reckon she is not bad to deal with either.

She understands that, although the press and the the smaller minds in the Coalition have tried to tarnish her a someone who knifed her leader in the back, Bill Shorten did the country a big favor. He, being relatively new to Parliament could not abide Kevvie's style of management and 'leadership'.She was not afraid to advance him in the Cabinet rankings.

She knows that, although the focus group genius Mark Arbib was seen as the culprit for them almost losing government, it would've been worse had he not intervened.

And she knows the sentiments expressed by Victor Hugo when he said: "Great blunders are often made, like large ropes,of a multitude of fibres."

Those within the ALP who knew what was going on with Kevvie's pitiful leadership should've had more guts and raised the issues. And she has to share some of the blame for that too!But it is best to put it behind her and move on.

She also has a soft spot for the Independents. After-all it was their briefings at the hands of Treasury which alerted the voters, after the election, to the fact that the Coalition's financial numbers did not stack up.

And she will need to continue that soft spot for the Independents too because they will, at times, drive her mad. They have already set the agenda of a more consultative parliament.In order to get her policies through the Parliament 'our Julia' will need to be a little mother hen nurturing her chickens and keeping them safe from the big bad foxes that are out to get them.

And the 'big bad foxes' are everywhere!

Unhappy Liberals. Unhappy Nationals.Barnaby.Abbott. Bishop.Hockey.News Limited.And other members of the press who are happier writing about personalities and gossip rather than policies and analysis.

The populace will also come, during the course of this Parliament, to understand the roles that Independents do play, and can play, if they get the right circumstances. It will be an education for them.Don't be surprised if you see more Independents standing at the next election! Won't that make the National Party delightfully nervous?

And the Independents organised themselves pretty well! You do wonder whether Katter's support of the Coalition was just what regional Australia would've wanted of them. Three country boys taking on the 'city slickers' and the Nationals and manufacturing an answer that was 'beautifully ugly'. Katter played his part to a tee and the supporting actors would've been applauded in any amateur theatre production in Tamworth or Port Macquarie.

Not every politician will be able to adjust to the 'new paradigm'!

Already T
he Blowfly finds himself remarkably intolerant to the carping remarks of Abbott,Bishop, Hockey, Pyne, Robb,Joyce and Co about 'illegitimate governments' etc and KRudd's appointment as foreign minister.

The Blowfly wonders how soon they will be able to jettison their disappointment and start preparing an exciting, enticing policy platform for the next election. Because they have Government within their grasp----if only they can wrap their brains around that concept!

And the Coalition has a few genuine areas of difference that they could focus their efforts on.

Let's take the infamous internet filter!

This is going to become a real hot potato.

The internet is gradually becoming a major source of news for voters.

The present thrust by Stephen Conroy to filter the internet is seen by young voters as destructive to their freedoms and as censorship of the press.

In the words of a congressional candidate in the US (and with a bit of poetic license):"That [policy] deserves to be kicked to death by a jackass, and the [Coalition] are just the ones to do it."

The Blowfly has been rejuvenated by the events of the past week. The new scraps and refuse that are presently rotting away will provide material for a poor demented blowfly well into the future.

In the words of Dan Quayle:"The future will be better tomorrow"

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