Monday, September 20, 2010

Turnbull knows he can still be Prime Minister

On Sunday The Blowfly sought out the Member for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull.

His seat is named Wentworth for a reason.

It could be the 'real' seat of democracy in Australia.

In Malcolm's electorate there is a huge rock. On this William Charles Wentworth sat while he drafted the NSW Constitution and gazed lovingly across the harbour towards Sydney.WC Wentworth found fame as one of the trio who traversed their way into Australian history books by crossing the Blue Mountains first.

The Member for Wentworth had his dictionary out and was pondering his fate ,and for that matter-----his brief from Tony Abbott!......."Demolish the NBN"

The Blowfly saw him turn to the word "demolish".

"Knock to pieces, destroy, overthrow" the dictionary revealed.

He closed his eyes and rested his weary head on the back of his chair.

His mind wandered. He thought of the ETS. He thought of Ozemail. He thought of his days with Nick Whitlam.He thought of Kevin Rudd and his leadership being destroyed. He thought of his old friends at Goldman Sachs and the money they would make from a carbon trading scheme.He thought of John Howard and his failure to install Peter Costello as his replacement.He thought of Janette (but this is a family blog and these thoughts have been censored).He thought of Twitter.He thought of WC Wentworth. He continued to think about WC Wentworth. He continued further to think about WC Wentworth.In fact he could not get thoughts of WC Wentworth out of his head.

And then a paranormal event occurred.

The spirit of WC Wentworth then satiated Malcolm's head with it's presence.

Malcolm had channelled Kerry Packer before---- but never WC Wentworth!

And here is The Blowfly's recollection of what William Charles Wentworth said to Malcolm Turnbull.

"My boy, you have been set up.You are not born to demolish. You are born to build.Just like I was!"

WC Wentworth was coming through loud and clear. He had Malcolm's attention---total and complete!

"That scoundrel Abbott does not have a 'building' bone in his body. He thinks that politics must be adversarial. Good Lord, Turnbull you must stick to the high ground. You have a good brain in your head and you should use it. But don't use it on a negative task given to you by a Catholic! And he deserves no more respect just because he is a Rhodes Scholar.You took on that Packer chap and won, Turnbull.You can take this chap on and win too!"

The Blowfly noted, from the comfort of Malcolm's shoulder, a little stirring in his psyche and even a minute shudder in his thought processes.

WC continued: "When we discovered the route over the Blue Mountains it opened up the agricultural wealth of this nation. In due course railroads were built and the wheat belt developed.The wool industry expanded.New industries started up.New jobs were created.It was a bonanza."

Malcolm sighed. The analogy was dramatic.The NBN had the same capacity and he knew it.Australia could be the envy of the world.

"But", WC continued,"in due course several other routes were found and this allowed the wealth of Australia's natural resources to be exploited even more".

"So in biblical terms, Turnbull, 'there are many ways over the Blue Mountains'",WC stated, chuckling at the beauty of his metaphor.

"And we did not perform a cost-benefit analysis on any of them! We just knew it was what had to be done."

"Your job, my boy is to build this thing up for the benefit of this nation. You don't owe Abbott a thing. You have your principles to uphold!And you are in a good position to do it."

"You see, young Turnbull, you have a hung Parliament to work with. This has been designed precisely for your wits.Not Abbott's. He is too much of a street-fighter. This situation demands finesse. And you have that! You will know how to see the trees from the forest. That's what you have been learning on your life's journey. That's what that rebuff at the Constitutional Convention was about. That's what the loss of your Liberal leadership was about. You have to do your homework better. You have to win the troops over with your beguiling nature."

It was at this stage that Lucy entered the room. She was totally bemused at her husband---- sound asleep with a dictionary open in his lap!

She gave him a loving peck on the cheek and he opened his eyes and looked adoringly at her.

"I've been channelling WC and he's told me how I can be Prime Minister at the next election, darling", he said with a glint in his eye.

She responded immediately.

"If you'd listened to me Malcolm, you could've been Prime Minister after this election."

He rolled his eyes and then reached for his iPhone.

As he left the room all The Blowfly could hear was him mumbling about talking to Stephen Conroy.

By this time The Blowfly had been distracted by the exquisite smell of a lemon-meringue pie that Lucy had produced in the kitchen.Conroy could wait.

Even a Blowfly can't live on political intrigue alone!

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