Monday, February 13, 2012

The Coalition's economic policy: A difficult pregnancy for The Three Amigos!

The Blowfly respectfully requests that you imagine for a moment that you are the Coalition’s economic policy.

Sometime during 2013 you will be called upon to be born.

Presently however you are still being conceived.

Your gestation will be longer than normal. There is a fundamental problem to overcome before you can enter that narrow birth canal and see the light of day.

Prior to the last election you were soooooo close to being born but you were undermined by an $11 billion black hole. And then you were stymied by some damned Independents!

It is rumoured that the black hole is now $70 billion.

Your conception is in the hands of three well-known Liberal Catholics----Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb---The Three Amigos!

In those fertile hands one would be inclined to think your conception was a certainty.

There is some conjecture about one aspect. Whether, and when, your budget will be brought to surplus?

This has been a seminal issue for The Three Amigos.

They wish to win the next election desperately but, by the same token, they wish to retain some semblance of economic responsibility-------but only a little! Too much semblance may see them lose.

The Three Amigos have to climb over the repeal of the carbon tax and the minerals rent and resource tax. They have to wrestle with the personal and company tax cuts that those policies contain.

Put simply----- The Three Amigos have to hedge their bets!

They are doing this by talking of ‘aspirational’ goals rather than commitments.

The Three Amigos also have to deal with editorials in the Australian Financial Review headed “Abbott fails the fiscal test”. And further on “……..the platform upon which the Coalition should be building its case as the alternative government is rubbery”. And in last Sunday’s Age: “So far, an Opposition bereft of credible ideas and policy”.

Sometimes you do wonder whether your birth will ever happen. There is so much left to be finalised concerning your gestation. And your ‘inseminarians’ (so to speak) don’t seem to be on the same page!

Hockey and Robb can’t seem to agree on the nature of your birth.

Abbott does not seem to have the economic confidence and imprimatur to bang their heads together.

And as a developing foetus you crave a little more attention. A little music maybe? A little tummy rubbing ? A few lullabies even?

But all the Coalition's efforts seem to be aimed at personalising the insults to the Prime Minister and forcing an election.

This is worrying for you. Should a snap election be called you would not be ready for birth. Your gestation is far from complete. You would be premature!

You sometimes wonder whether The Three Amigos are really concerned about your good health. Or whether perhaps, like all males, they believe the joy is in starting the process. The final, painful part can be delegated to someone else.

The Blowfly recalls the words of Groucho Marx: “I didn’t like the play, but then I saw it under adverse circumstances----the curtain was up!

And so it is with Australian politics!

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