Monday, November 30, 2009

Has Turnbull out-manoevred Rudd on the ETS?

The Blowfly's week has been rip-snorting to say the least.

You will remember that last week The Blowfly had managed to penetrate the inner sanctum of the PM---his boudoir!

Unfortunately The Blowfly got so settled there with all the goings-on you simply have not been able to pull yourself away and escape back into the real world.And this was on top of all the normal bedroom activities that you have not been previously exposed to. You realise that the PM and his wife are consenting adults but they certainly go at it hammer and tongs when they get going. At least the PM now cleans his ears regularly at home, at Therese's instigation,rather than in Parliament.You can also admit to being a little fond of the PM's ear-wax. It seems to steady your landings when you have a little on your feet.

The whole world, this week, seems to have revolved around climate change issues, the ETS and the turmoil in the Liberal Party. You have participated fully from your excellent possie on the PM's bedhead. In fact you have had some insights that probably few others have been exposed to.Your little brain has been challenged to the full.

Let The Blowfly relate this voyeuristic scenario to you.

It's 3am and its a relatively hot Canberra night. On the bedhead above the PM's head you are slumbering with purpose.You are dreaming a little fly-sex and you are really on a roll. You feel a little stirring below you and you sense the PM is awake. He is laying on his back and looking at the ceiling.You think he may be restless because he is off to another world leaders' conference and he becomes very concerned when he travels. Especially about how his hair looks, whether he has the right-colored ties and whether his shoes are shiny.Sometimes he even practises Mandarin in his sleep.

But tonight you sense he is concerned about something a little deeper. You extract yourself from your sordid and colorful dream and wiggle your antennae to tune into the PM's quaint little thought processes.His thoughts manifest themselves to you immediately.

"That damned Turnbull worries me. I originally thought that I had him by the short and curlies. And when you have someone by the short and curlies their hearts and minds usually follow.I boxed him in really well. I knew that he was a supporter of the emissions trading scheme all along. He served the Lying Rodent so well in that field and I knew he could belt those other Liberal dickheads around the ears. He's never short of 'balls' our Malcolm. S'pose you can afford to have 'balls' when you are as wealthy as he is.But this thing about Goldman Sachs really worries me! Malcolm may make more money out of the ETS than anybody else."

" I wonder how many other people read that article in Rolling Stone magazine? Inside The Great American Bubble Machine was really well-written. Better than any of my essays! Has Goldman Sachs really engineered every major market manipulation since the Great depression? Is the next bubble really in carbon credits? I guessed I knew it would be a 'booming trillion-dollar market' but I did not know that Goldman Sachs gave over $4 million to the Democratic Party to push its 'environmental plan'."

"I know what that little champagne-sipping silver-tail is doing! He's out-manoeuvred me! The bastard! I'll bet,as a former Goldman Sachs operative here in Australia, that he was in the know.That's probably why he is wealthier than me. He's got better contacts into the big-ends of town. I've just got a wealthy wife.Oh woe is me!"

He looks across lovingly at his sleeping wife."She's such a genius.Not only has she made a lot of money but she also chose me. She has/is a real asset."

"I wonder whether Hockey will become the new Liberal leader. It'll be just like old times. Me and Joe together on Kochie and Mel sweet-talking each other."

You see a smile on his face just like the one you have when you are having fly-sex.

He gradually drifts back to sleep. Your eyes close and you resume your enticing dream where you left off.

Australia is in capable hands!

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