Monday, July 19, 2010

What is going on in the minds of the Swinging Voters?

In blowfly-land there is no such thing as an election.

Blowflies vote with their feet.

Much like swinging voters!

The swinging voters who are going to determine this election.

The ones who were so disillusioned with Howard hanging onto the leadership for so long that they finally, finally, finally relented and voted for Labor.

The ones who were so convinced by the ALP's TV advertisements on the diabolical nature of WorkChoices that their conscience would not let them vote Liberal.

The ones who saw a well-spoken nerd from Queensland take the reins of the ALP by undermining Kim Beazley.The very same ones who, seduced by his performance on 'Mel and Kochie's' innocuous little breakfast show, thought he could manage a progressive Australian government and,because he was a Christian, did not swear.

The ones who were so concerned about Howard's approach to asylum-seekers and thought that Labor had a better solution---whatever that was!

The ones who were so concerned about Japanese whaling in the southern ocean and who believed Kevin07 when he said he was going to do something about it as a matter of priority.

The ones who were so concerned about climate change and saw Australia not signing the Kyoto Protocol as a cop-out.These same people wanted further action so that our water-side suburbs might be spared inundation and falling property prices.

Where are these swinging voters?

What are they thinking about now?

And swinging voters do think----and they think a lot------that's why they swing!

They are quite different to the 'traditional' voter who does not have to think. The 'traditional' voter votes as their parents voted or how their priest tells them to vote.

The Blowfly has been using his psychic powers to the full this week. His antennae have been extended and going 'gang-busters'.

The Blowfly has been landing on the shoulders of swinging voters and channelling their thoughts to get a feel for the issues---as seen by swinging voters!

You won't be surprised to know that he has found that the media has been wrong on many issues.

For instance, The Blowfly's psychic research has shown that the people who are concerned about the rather speedy demise of KRudd are concerned only because they are ignorant of the damage he was doing.That's not to say that he had not achieved some good things. Rudd's style was probably well-suited to getting us through the global financial crisis. Punishing hours, unforgiving pressure for subordinates to perform, micro-management and small group , quick decision-making.But going forward, and with the back of the GFC broken, this style was damaging and not in our nation's interest.

The swinging voter appreciates that they vote for their local member and all local members choose their leader. If the leader is not performing the swinging voter expects that the local member would have the swinging voters' interests at heart and change the leader.They prefer their local member to have have 'balls' rather than exercise blind loyalty.

You won't be surprised to learn that the swinging voter could not give a 'rats' about whether Gillard went back on her word not to challenge. The swinging voter expected her to act in the best interests of her nation rather than to keep her promise to Kevin Rudd when all else was falling down around her.

And the swinging voter also understands that because KRudd was the leader, had lead the party to Government and appeared to know what he was doing , that she was expected to be initially tolerant of his foibles, bad language, nerdishness and micro-management.During the early part of World War 2 Hitler, who had far less experience than his Generals, also had some startling victories and was the 'man of the moment' until his naivete and inexperience caught up with him.She had to give Rudd some rein initially.

The swinging voter understands that she was part of the 'gang of 4' but as 'her own person' she will be different.
Swinging voters are looking for the 'real her' rather than saying she is tarnished by her previous involvement.

The swinging voter is disappointed by the lateness of the Rudd Government's foray into whaling in the southern ocean by bringing a case before the World Court. But they realise that there was a GFC to deal with and the implications flowing from it.Like the 'home insulation affair' which came back to bite it and chewed up a stack of administrative energy.

And do you want to hear the funniest thing The Blowfly discovered in his foray into the thoughts of swinging voters?

He discovered that swinging voters are really quite proud to have a female as PM---and a 'ranga' at that! What a bonus!

The thought of having a former trainee priest and 'Howard clone' in The Lodge is quite abhorrent to them.

This does not bode well for a close election!

But for the election campaign it does bode well.

All Julia Gillard has to do to grab the headlines is to change her hair-style,wear a stunning new outfit or show a bit of leg.

Tony Abbott will never be able to match that.

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