Monday, October 04, 2010

The 'Terminator's' game is up! He now needs ideas to save him.

The Blowfly has never been a great fan of Laurie Oakes but none-the-less respects his views simply because he has been around so long.

Laurie has been a good mate of KRudd's because he was the recipient of numerous leaks and telephone briefings by KRudd during his time as PM.

Naturally Laurie was a little put out when KRudd was axed because his inside 'source' was now no more. And Laurie's writings reflected him being put out.

But he is mellowing to Julia!

During this week he managed to coin the term 'old Julia' and 'old Tony'.

This was a pat on the back for Julia and a kick in the pants for Tony.

You see 'old Julia' was a good parliamentary performer who 'had the wood' on the Opposition and took great delight in burying them. However during the election campaign she lost her way and started to play the way the 'spin doctors' determined.

Tony, on the other hand, has always been a head-kicker who was never really displayed a lot of creativity ----inside Parliament or out!

However Tony thought that his 'Terminator-like' behaviour during the campaign and his silken-tongued approach to the Independents might well have changed perceptions of him.But it didn't!

The fact that one of his own, Peter Slipper, did a deal to be deputy-speaker was a little disconcerting for 'our Tony'. Some of his rank-and-file are maybe disconcerted as well about the way he conducts himself.

The Blowfly returns to the words of Sir Robert Menzies in 1946: "In the long run there can be no high politics unless all parties have a sense of direction. We need to return to politics as a clash of principles, and to get away from the notion that it is a clash only of warring personalities."

The problem is that Tony Abbott has has no schooling in principles that will be useful to him. His mentor, John Howard, sought mainly to do what was popular rather than what was right.

'The redhead' will do better at extracting value from this situation than 'the Monk'.

And Laurie Oakes is starting to see that! That's why he is softening.

Paul Lyneham once described a 'cliffhanger election' as "when the vote is finely balanced between anger at the Government and fear of the Opposition".

So true!

The Blowfly sees that the electorate will only become more fearful of the Opposition as Tony displays his aggressive, destructive behaviour and Julia displays her conciliatory behaviour.

And still he has not shown us his vision for our country!

At least the Government has the NBN---whether you agree with it or not---and that does stake a claim as being visionary!

But Abbott is going to tear it down! So he says! And confirm that he is a destroyer rather than a builder.Just what our nation needs!

The Blowfly is reminded of the words of L. Peter: " If you don't know where you are going you will end up somewhere else".

Abbott is just waiting for the Government to stumble.

He should remember the words of Forbes:"Kill time and you kill your career".

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