Monday, February 21, 2011

At home with Tim and Julia. Inside the PM's boudoir!

The Blowfly can reveal that he has finally managed to penetrate the inner sanctum of the Prime Minister---the PM's bedroom!

The Prime Ministerial boudoir hasn't seen a lot of action recently!

The weeks have been pretty hectic over the summer with the floods,the bush fires in Western Australia, the cricket , the matter of Egypt and ,of course, last weekend she had to be up at 'sparrows' to chair the health-reform meeting with the Premiers.

Our PM has been travelling to and fro bolstering the troops, understanding the damage and generally trying to give the 'Labor brand' as much airplay as possible. God help us! Both Anna Bligh and Kristina Kenneally need as much help as Julia can give them.

And frankly her love-life has suffered!

Tim has, bless his soul, been a very patient consort.Similar to Janette Howard I suspect!Not to mention Anita Keating! And Hazel! Dame Pattie!....Hell's bells there have been a stack of them when you really think about it!

So this Sunday morning The Blowfly finds himself securely nestled on the bedhead of the PM's marital bed.It ain't rockin' yet but you would not be surprised to see a bit of action in due course.

He is aware that Tim is stirring. Tim's eyes open. Tim looks around the room. He always does this just to establish his reality. He is still astounded that his hair-dressing days could've ended so magically and now he sleeps with the PM.

He looks at her lovingly.He smiles a gentle smile.

"I wonder if this is the 'real Julia Gillard'?" he thinks to himself.

The PM stirs. Her eyes open.She smiles at him.

"What are you looking at, sweetheart?" she says.

"I'm just wondering whether you are the 'real Julia Gillard' today" he says.

She smiles.

"The one who Barry Humphries says wears a pillow in the back of her dress?..... The one who Tony Abbott says is 'wooden'?....The one who follows the Western Bulldogs?.......The one who fell in love with a hairdresser?......The one who has been invited to Prince William's wedding and who will take her 'fancy man' with her?.......The one who took a back-seat while Anna Bligh got all the credit?......The one who has an arse-hole and control-freak as her Foreign Minister?.......The one who is holding a hung Parliament together........The one who loves it whenever Tony Abbott opens his mouth and who hopes like hell the Coalition doesn't replace their leader with Malcolm Turnbull anytime before the next election?............that one?" she drawled in her most droning tone.

"I love it when you talk 'dirty' to me!" said Tim. "Come here and give me a cuddle. I love slow-talking redheads."

Because this is a family blog The Blowfly is unable to describe more of this intimate interlude with interested readers----except for one moment which was a classic and demonstrated that our PM does indeed have a better sense of humour than any other PM or political leader of our time.

In the throes of passion (when The Blowfly was turned the other way of course) she was heard to moan:"Oh Warnie, Oh Warnie----you are fantastic!Was that your 'googly'? Do it again!
Do it again!"

And then she burst out laughing!

But Tim had her measure."Stop laughing Liz.I haven't finished this over yet!"

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