Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tony Abbott's perspective on 2012

The Blowfly wants you to imagine that you are in Tony Abbott’s shoes at the moment.

2012 has dawned.

This time last year you were confident that if you went at the Gillard Government with all your energy, spin and bluster you had a reasonable chance of causing a hung parliament to become ‘unhung’.

You did the only thing you really knew how.

You tried to scare the populace.

You travelled the country doing so.

But the sky still has not fallen down!

You also turned Question Time into a farce by moving all those censure motions.

And then right at the end of the year you experienced the ignominy of having Gillard, Albanese and company out-manoeuvre you in respect to Peter Slipper’s move to become the Speaker.

You know that Malcolm is beavering away quietly making himself look good.

You know that Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb are struggling to develop a budgetary framework that will accommodate all the promises you have made to repeal the carbon tax legislation and the MRRT.

In fact , coming up to the next election, you almost have to start from scratch regarding the costings of all your policies because of the promises and the commitments to repeal that you have made on the run.

In his regular blog former NSW Premier Bob Carr refers to this amounts to ‘the biggest transformation of Australian public finances ever promised by an opposition leader’.

And you know that in 2013 the Australian public might not fall for having the policy costings audited by a firm of accountants who were told not to review the assumptions.

You are also aware that your policy development process is being hindered by the need to appeal to the swinging voters. You are struggling to make sense of all the polling that your crowd is doing.

Like John Howard you are only going to release your policies on the eve of the election so that they don’t get too much of an opportunity to be shot down and scrutinised by the Government.

On another front there is the spectre of Kevin Rudd hanging over your head.
Although you were acerbic about an elected Prime Minister being deposed you do realise that, in spite of his popularity with voters, he was a megalomaniac who almost brought the administration of the nation to a standstill.

You are worried that there is talk of Gillard being deposed and Kevin getting a run again. If this happens you reckon you would be totally stuffed because Queensland voters would return to him.

You recognise the need to expend your energies very strategically between now and the next election.

If you push too hard on Gillard and cause her to blunder then the power brokers in the ALP might move to re-install Kevin.

If you don’t push hard enough then your own party is going to question your capacity to lead them after the next election.

You think to yourself: “I wish Margie was more like Janette Howard because I could sure use her advice right now”.


  1. Anonymous3:40 pm

    most people will come to realise that without the carbon tax or the MRRT there will have to be another tax or it is a bleek future for the under funded aging population of aust and question tony, what tax or what programs are getting cut. its only then we will see how willing lib voters are on self reliance.

  2. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Isn't Margie spending her time ensuring Tony's private plated car racks up more traffic infringments than most diplomatic mission in Canberra? Women scorned can do the damnest things to extract revenge!

  3. I think tony will be good in 2012